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Diversity and Disabilities

Diversity at UC San Diego includes people with disabilities.

A definition of disability 

Disability is a broad term that includes a variety of functional limitations resulting from medical impairments due to causes that include heredity, accidents, illnesses, and syndromes. The functional limitations causing disabilities can be physical and evident (e.g., mobility, vision, or hearing) or invisible (e.g., a psychological condition, heart disease, or learning disability).

University responsibilities

In its hiring and employment practices, UC San Diego must make its programs, services, trainings and sponsored activities accessible to qualified individuals with disabilities and must provide reasonable job accommodations.

Employee responsibilities

  • All members of the UC San Diego community share the responsibility for helping people with disabilities participate in campus programs, services, trainings and sponsored activities.
  • Medical documentation of medical impairment when requesting a job accommodation may be necessary. See your Disability Management Counselor for guidelines.


Campus funded staff contact DisAbility Counseling and Consulting at (858) 534-6744, or for Health System funded staff contact (619) 543-3083.