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Diversity Education

Read about the variety of educational opportunities UC San Diego offers to learn more about diversity.

UC San Diego employees represent a variety of backgrounds, worldviews, and belief systems that are rooted in their cultures, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, abilities/ disabilities, and other factors. UC San Diego offers several ways for employees to learn more about diversity.

Background and services

In 1993, then-Chancellor Richard Atkinson issued a statement of UC San Diego's diversity principles and goals, which has resulted in the development of several entities that support diversity education and awareness on campus and in our workforce. These include:

  • UC San Diego Principles of Community
    • The UC San Diego Principles of Community is a collaboratively developed statement, issued by the Chancellor, that provides a framework of values supporting diversity and affirming the unique contribution of each member of the UC San Diego community.
  • UC Learning offers several courses aimed to increase awareness of diversity and teach strategies for applying cultural competence in the workplace.
    • Diversity Education
    • Building Productivity Through Respect and Dignity
    • Creating a Rewarding Staff Environment
For more information, contact Staff & Development , (858) 534-4890.
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