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Landscaping and Outdoor Maintenance Services

Facilities Management maintains an aesthetically pleasing campus landscape conducive to learning and working. 

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Landscaping staff provide basic services for state-funded areas. Campus customers can request supplemental services for an additional charge. Find costs and frequencies for basic and supplemental services below.

Note: Service schedules can change due to weather and other factors.

Mulch Matters

UC San Diego applies a two-inch layer of mulch throughout its 700 acres of landscaped areas to protect plants, save water and minimizes pesticide use. Using mulch is just one of many ways that we are working to achieve our sustainability goals.

Landscape maintenance

Landscaping staff provide these services for campus landscaped areas:

  • Remove litter once daily
  • Maintain and repair irrigation once weekly
  • Perform outdoor pest and weed control once monthly or on request (customer-funded)
  • Trim trees as needed (prioritized by safety hazard)
  • Fertilize shrubs and ground cover annually
  • Prune and mulch every two years

Recycled Water Irrigation

Recycled water is produced using a three-stage treatment process in which municipal wastewater is settled, biologically oxidized, clarified, chemically coagulated, filtered and disinfected. Although recycled water may have a slight chlorine smell, it looks like tap water.

We irrigate these landscaped areas with recycled water:

  • One Miramar St.
  • All east parking areas except lot 702
  • UC San Diego Science Research Park
  • Medical Center La Jolla
  • Preuss School
  • Campus Point Drive
  • Warren Field
  • Gilman Drive, east side between Voigt Drive and Villa La Jolla Drive
  • Hopkins Parking Structure
  • Social Sciences Building
  • San Diego Supercomputer Center
  • All north campus recreation areas
  • North Point Drive

Turf maintenance (non-sport fields)

Landscaping staff provide these services for campus turf areas:

  • Mow and edge weekly May 1 through November 30 and biweekly December 1 through April 30
  • Fertilize annually
  • Aerate every two years

Mowing and Edging Schedule


Early morning (6–10 a.m.)

  • Gilman median and bus stop
  • School of Medicine (Stein Research Building, Pharmacy, Biomedical Library, Cellular & Molecular Medicine)
  • Chancellors complex, flagpole, Matthews Quad
  • Date and Guava buildings
  • Gilman Parking Structure

Late morning and afternoon (10 a.m. to 2 p.m.)

  • Pepper Canyon
  • Sixth College, Warren Housing
  • Warren area


Early morning (6–10 a.m.)

  • Geisel Library
  • Galbraith Hall, Theater and Dance, bus stops
  • Center for Magnetic Recording Research
  • Warren Mall
  • EBU1, EBU2, Richard Atkinson Hall
  • Mayer Hall, Pacific Hall, Urey Hall, Revelle Plaza, Revelle Housing, Revelle Cafeteria
  • Preuss School

Late morning and afternoon (10 a.m. to 2 p.m.)

  • Mesa Nueva
  • Central Mesa
  • One Miramar
  • Early Care & Education Center
  • South Mesa Housing (lower west side)


Early morning (6–10 a.m.)

  • Main Gymnasium
  • Faculty Club, Mandeville Center, Visual Arts
  • Sun God (Applied Physics, Biology, Pacific Hall, Mandler Hall, Katzin Courtyard
  • Village, Muir Housing
  • Rady School

Late morning and afternoon (10 a.m. to 2 p.m.)

  • South Mesa


Early morning (6–10 a.m.)

  • SIO
  • Marshall College (Administration, Sequoyah Hall, Economics, Solis Hall, Media Center, Social Sciences)
  • UC House

Late morning and afternoon (10 a.m. to 2 p.m.)

  • San Diego Supercomputer Center, Otterson Hall
  • Marshall Housing
  • Eleanor Roosevelt College


Early morning (6–10 a.m.)

  • Preuss School
  • Torrey Pines Center
  • Coast Apartments
  • Special Mowing Requests

Hardscape maintenance

Landscaping staff provide these services for hardscaped areas:

  • Empty outdoor trash and recycling containers as scheduled
  • Blow weekly
  • Remove graffiti, apply protective coating on request
  • Maintain ground-level walkways, pathways, plazas, benches, tables, bike racks, bollards, drainage, flagpoles, and stairs not associated with buildings as needed
  • Clean campus parking lots, loading docks and streets weekly or upon request (customer-funded)

Parking Lot and Street Sweeping Schedule

Streets Parking lots and loading docks
  • Eucalyptus Grove Lane
  • Gilman Drive from Campus Services Complex to La Jolla Village Drive (north and south side of streets only, not Gilman islands)
  • Gilman Drive information booth
  • Mandeville Lane
  • Myers Drive
  • Rupertus Drive
  • Russell Lane
  • Villa La Jolla Drive
  • Lots P113, P401, P406, P408, P410, P412, P415 and P416
  • CMM loading dock
  • Mandeville loading dock
Streets Parking lots and loading docks
  • Gilman Drive islands
  • Mandell Weiss Lane
  • Osler Lane
  • Revelle College Drive
  • Scholars Drive South from Gilman Drive to La Jolla Shores Drive
  • Scholars Drive to and including York Lane
  • Lots P102, P103, P104, P105 and P116
  • Basic Science:
    • South side loading dock
    • North side loading dock
  • Mandell Weiss Theatre loading dock
  • Pacific Hall loading dock
Streets Parking lots and loading docks
  • Biological Grade Drive
  • Discovery Way
  • Downwind Way
  • Expedition Way
  • Muir College Drive
  • Naga Way
  • Scholars Lane
  • Shellback Way
  • SIO Museum Entrance
  • Lots P001, P002, P003, P007, P008, P009, P010, P011, P012, P014, P017, P106, P201, P204, P206, P207, P208, P302, P303, P304 and P310
  • Endurance Hall loading dock
  • McGill Hall loading dock
  • Sierra Summit loading dock
  • Coast Apartments (every other week)
Streets Parking lots and loading docks
  • Artists Lane
  • Engineer Lane
  • John Hopkins Drive
  • Lyman Drive
  • Matthews Lane
  • Northview Drive
  • Northview information booth
  • North Point Drive
  • Scholars Drive from Pacific Hall to, and including, Muir Lane
  • Scholars Drive North to, and including, Thurgood Marshall Lane
  • Voigt Drive from Regents Road to John Hopkins Lane
  • Lots P308, P354, P356, P357, P355, P359, P403, P502, P503, P508, P601, P602, P603, P604 and P610
  • Police Station parking lot
  • Geisel Library loading dock
Streets Parking lots
  • Gilman Bridge
  • All of Mesa Housing
  • Health Sciences Way
  • Health Sciences Drive
  • Miramar Street
  • Shiley Eye Institute and Thornton Hospital: All streets and parking lots
  • Voigt Drive from Campus Services Complex to Health Sciences Drive

P502, P504, P506, P510, P701, P702, P703, P704, P705, P781, P782, P783 and P785

UC San Diego's Urban Forest

Customer-funded supplemental services

Campus customers can request these additional services and we will provide a cost estimate:

  • Install/Repair ground-level walkways, pathways, benches, tables, bike racks, bollards, and drainage
  • Landscape design, installation and maintenance
  • Hardscape maintenance
  • Tree maintenance
  • Litter removal
  • Power washing
  • Street sweeping
  • Outdoor pest control
  • Special event landscape cleanup (subject to staff availability)

Hourly Rates

Each project is unique and work may be performed by staff in one or more positions, in varying crew configurations and at regular or overtime rates, based on customer needs. Materials may also be required to complete a project. View hourly rates


Contact the Customer Relations help desk, (858) 534-2930, 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays.