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We're here Monday through Friday 8-4:30. For faster service, go to ASK (login required) to submit your inquiry today.

You may also give us a call at (858) 534-9494.  Below is the phone tree for this phone line:

Phone Tree

Pressing 1 for Shipment Status will route the call to Central Receiving.

  • This line may address status of an order already delivered to campus' Central Receiving location
  • This line should not be used for shipment status questions.  Instead, call or email the supplier and give them the PO number.

Pressing 2 for Invoice Inquiries will route the call to Disbursements:

  • This line may address invoice status inquiries and general invoicing questions.

Pressing 3 for Purchasing Inquiries will route the call to Strategic Procurement:

  • This line may address Marketplace-related inquiries and general Procurement policy questions.