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Oracle Procurement: Roles

There are two main roles available in Oracle Procurement: PO Requisitioner and Financial Unit Approver

Request new roles using the Oracle and Concur Role Requests form in Services and Support.

Role Name

PO Requisitioner Role (formerly known as the Shopper and Department Buyer Roles) This role will be very similar to the current Index-Informed Shopper and Department Buyer roles and will be available in four different amounts: $0, $500, $2500, $5000.

Employees and affiliates will automatically have access to Oracle with the PO Requisitioner $0 role.  Those receiving a role with a delegated purchasing authority ($500, $2500, $5000) will be required to watch a video on Oracle Procurement in UC Learning. 
Financial Unit (FinUnit) Approver  The FinUnit Approver role will be responsible for approving all financial transactions related to Procurement, Payables, and Travel and Expense in both Oracle and Concur.   Click here to see a list of FinUnit Approvers

There is no equivalent to the Window Shopper role in Oracle Procurement. Window Shoppers will be instead transitioned into the $0 PO Requisitioner role.

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