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Finding & Adding Marketplace Suppliers

Learn more about finding and adding suppliers in Marketplace.

Find Suppliers in Marketplace

Use the Marketplace Supplier Search tool to:

  • Search for Suppliers based on partial and full names
  • Find Suppliers available in Marketplace with University Agreement, California, and Small/Diverse Business Classification Statuses
  • Search by commodity type or what the Supplier is "Known to Sell"
  • See how to order from the Supplier in Marketplace – via search results, Punchouts, or iRequests

Adding your Suppliers to Marketplace

Review the criteria for when Suppliers should be added to Marketplace
  • Payee is part of a small business sub-contract plan
  • Your lab/office orders from this payee more than 5 times per year
  • Total amount of the order exceeds $4999.99
  • When requesting restricted good/ services that require a purchase order
  1. If your Supplier meets the criteria, you issue an online registration form to them.
  2. You get an automatic email when your Supplier returns the form.
  3. You get a follow-up email from Procurement & Contracts when the Supplier is available in Marketplace.

The Supplier registration form

Marketplace has a highly secure and vetted Supplier Addition process, to protect both the University and the Supplier from risk and to mitigate errors in the order and payment processing by having the most current information on file.

The supplier form:

  • is online, secure and encrypts sensitive and private information
  • includes the equivalent of W9 information, but asks for more than just the W9
  • confirms Remit-To and Payment information, offering the option for paper-free payments
  • protects the University and the Supplier by requesting the most up-to-date, accurate information