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Marketplace: Glossary

Review a glossary of terms used in Marketplace.

Term Description
Approver An Approver is a Marketplace role assigned at the department level. Approver responsibilities include:
  • Reviewing Index and financial information in Requisitions (and editing if needed)
  • Approving purchases
  • Reviewing and certifying Invoices
Agreement Supplier The UC or UC San Diego has negotiated price discounts and preferential service requirements for specific products provided by this supplier.
Business Unit A Business Unit us a grouping of Index(es) with Approvers who can approve against those Index(es).The Business Unit controls how Requisitions route for approval.  A Department can create one or more Business Units.
Business Unit Management Tool (BUMT) BUMT is a FinancialLink application used by Department Administrators to manage their department's Marketplace configuration.
California Supplier A California Supplier, as set forth by The Independent Citizens Oversight Committee and the governing board of California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM), is defined as:

"Any sole proprietorship, partnership, joint venture, corporation, or other business entity which satisfies one or more of the following conditions:
  • Whose owners or policymaking officers are domiciled in California and whose permanent, principal office or place of business from which the supplier’s trade is directed or managed is located in California; or
  • That employs at least one-third, with a minimum of 100, of its total employees in California; or
  • That produces, builds, or manufactures a product or products in California for the specific product or products which are used by CIRM grantees.”
Cart A Cart is used to hold items selected by a shopper and can be named for easy identification. Once a Cart is submitted it becomes a Requisition.
Certified Small Business Certified Small Businesses Suppliers in Marketplace are identified with a "Small Business" icon and  fall into the following categories:
  • Small
  • Small, veteran-owned
  • Service-disabled, veteran-owned
  • HUBZone
  • Small, disadvantaged
  • Small, woman-owned
CORE Core Bio Services (CORE) is a campus recharge facility in the School of Medicine offering in-stock, next day lab supply items and free delivery or on-site pick-up.
Default Address A Default Address is a single ship-to address saved in the user's Marketplace Profile which:
  • Will auto populate for each new Cart created
  • Can be edited during the checkout process
A Default Address is optional and can be toggled off/on.
Default Index A Default Index is a single Index value saved in the user's Marketplace Profile that:
  • Will auto populate for each new Cart created
  • Can be edited as necessary during checkout process
A Default Index is optional and can be toggled on/off
BUMT Administrator BUMT Administrator is a Marketplace role assigned at the department level. BUMT Administrators, using the Business Unit Management Tool (BUMT), delegate and manage:
  • Shopper & Approver roles for users in their department
  • Approvers in their department assigned to each Business Unit
  • The list of Funds, Orgs, Projects and Indexes defined for each Business Unit in their department
BUMT Administrator (View Only) BUMT Administrator (View Only) is a Marketplace role assigned at the department level, and has the following functions:
  • View-only access to the Marketplace Business Unit Management Tool (BUMT)
  • Ability to query and view Marketplace Order History for their entire department
Department Buyer A Department Buyer is a Marketplace "Shopper" role assigned at the department level with authorization to:
  • Assign Index(es) to their Cart
  • Purchase up to a specified dollar amount without requiring further approvals (if using Indexes belonging to the authorizing department)
E-Mail Preferences E-mail Preferences are part of a user's Marketplace Profile and allow users to turn e-mail notifications on/off.
Favorites Favorite folders in Marketplace store saved items that can be both personally customized or shared with other users.
Contact the Marketplace Help Desk if you would like to establish a Shared Favorites folder.
Home Department Home Departments represent one or more payroll codes. The Home Department functions as one entity, authorizing roles to employees of those payroll codes and creating Business Units for approvals.
Index An Index is:
  • A 7-character code used to indicate a specific combination of Fund, Organization and Program (FOP)codes
  • Required for submitting and processing Requisitions in Marketplace
Indexes are made available in Marketplace by the departments that own them.  Department Administrators can add any missing Indexes, which become available in Marketplace the following day.
Index Informed Shopper Index Informed Shopper is a shopping role in Marketplace. Index Informed Shoppers have the ability to assign Index(es) to a Cart before submitting it for Approval.
An Approver must approve an Index Informed Shopper's Requisition before the Purchase Order can be sent to the Supplier.
In-Stock In-Stock items are kept in inventory by the Supplier. In-Stock products are identified by an icon in Marketplace for many of our on-campus partner Suppliers.
Invoice An Invoice is a bill or statement sent by the Supplier to UCSD requesting payment for items ordered/shipped or services performed. Information on Invoices for Marketplace Purchase Orders will all be viewable in Marketplace.
Approvers will receive emails regarding two types of Invoices they must pay special attention to:-Invoices that are Out of Tolerance (does not require any action)-Invoices over $10,000.00 (requires certification)
My Action Items "My Action Items" on the Marketplace Homepage provides a shortcut to a user's Order History:
  • "My Orders" shows user's Requisitions and POs for the last 90 days
  • "View My Approvals" shows pending Approvals or Assigned Carts waiting to be processed by user
My Requisitions for Review My Requisitions for Review on the Approvals page is a folder that displays an Approver's pending Requisitions.  Once in this folder, the Requisition can be edited and approved.
miniRequest The miniRequest is an iRequest to be used when:
  • A Supplier's product does not appear in Keyword, Catalog Number, or general search results
  • A Supplier is identified as a "miniRequest Supplier" (the Supplier is enabled on Marketplace but does not offer Catalog or Searchable content)
  • There is no quote associated with the order
  • The item is less than $4999
The form requires a product description, catalog number and unit pricing.  This information can be obtained from the Supplier directly, Supplier's website or a Supplier Quote.
miniRequest Supplier A miniRequest Supplier does not offer searchable catalog content and pricing in Marketplace.  Items from miniRequest Suppliers must be ordered using the miniRequest form. 
Order Query Order Query is used to search past Requisitions, Purchase Orders and Invoices.
  • Index Informed Shoppers and Department Buyers have access to the orders that they generated.
  • Approvers and Department Administrators have access to all the order history for their department.
Price Includes Shipping "Price Includes Shipping" icon in Marketplace indicates that there will be no additional shipping costs added to the price shown in search results.
Profile A Profile allows users to customize certain settings in Marketplace.
Purchase Order (PO)

A Purchase Order (PO) is:

  • A document and document number that generates once an order has been completely approved within UC San Diego
  • Automatically sent to the Supplier via Marketplace to order goods and services

Reference the PO number (which begins with 90xxxxxx in Marketplace) if/when communicating with a Supplier about an order. 

Requisition (Req) A Requisition is:
  • Generated when a Cart is submitted in Marketplace and remains a Requisition for the duration of necessary approval steps within UC San Diego
  • Generates a Purchase Order (PO) for each supplier on the Requisition
Specialty Forms Specialty Forms are used for special and/or customized ordering methods such as services and goods requiring special handling.
Trade Street/Central Receiving Trade Street and Central Receiving are terms used to refer to UC San Diego's Receiving and Distribution facility, which receives, processes and delivers packages to the campus from external suppliers.
Window Shopper Window Shopper is the default Marketplace role provided to all active UC San Diego employees with Single Sign-On access, who have not been assigned a higher shopper role by the department.
Window Shoppers can place items into a Cart, and then assign their Cart to an Index Informed Shopper or a Department Buyer for Index assignment and processing.