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System Status: 

Scheduled Maintenance and Upgrades


The UC Learning Center was upgraded to version 24.1 on Friday, March 15, 2024. Please see the Benefits section below for more information about the upgrade.

Scheduled Maintenance

There is no upcoming scheduled maintenance at this time.


  • Improved system administrator functionality to provide you with more efficient support
  • Routine bug fixes

Changes to Transcript View

After the 22.1 upgrade, users will notice a change to the appearance of transcripts. Depending on the selected date range, multiple completions of the same activity completed during that date range will be grouped together with the most recent completion showing by default. Expand or collapse the activity to view all completions or only the most recent for that activity. This provides a cleaner, more user-friendly look to the transcript.

Note: When printing or exporting a transcript and ALL completions are needed, it is important to remember to expand the activity BEFORE printing or exporting.

Collapsed view of transcript (Most recent completion for selected date range visible)

 Collapsed view of transcript

Expanded view of transcript (All completions for selected date range visible)

 Expanded view of transcript


UC San Diego campus users, contact us via the Employee Center (login required)
UC San Diego Health users, submit a request with the Health HR website (login required)