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When You Retire From UCSD: Employee Checklist

Use the checklist below to determine what steps to take when you plan to retire.

If you are subject to a layoff or reduction in time, see Layoff/ Reduction in Time: Overview (Employees). If you are leaving UCSD for reasons other than retirement, see When You Leave UCSD: Employee Checklist.

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Learn about the retirement process.

During the year before before you plan to retire:

Begin the retirement process.

About 3 months before you plan to retire:

  • Contact your benefits representative to request a Personal Retirement Profile.
    Note: Your profile will provide information to help you make decisions about whether to receive a monthly retirement income or a lump sum cashout (if eligible). It does not commit you to retirement.
  • Go to UCnet for answers to commonly asked questions.
  • When you are ready to begin the paperwork, contact your benefits representative, who will help you complete all necessary documentation.

Inform your supervisor that you are initiating retirement from UCSD.

Discuss with your supervisor:

  • Tasks that need to be reassigned
  • Recommendations you have for a replacement
  • Willingness to train a replacement
  • Disposition of e-mail and network files

Return any UC property to your department business office.

  • UC cards:
    • Campus ID card
    • Calling card
    • Department copy cards
    • UCSD Travel Card
    • Express Card
    • Long-distance authorization card
    • Parking garage/ building access card
    • UCSD keys, key cards
  • Computer and communications equipment:
    • Cell phones
    • Laptops
    • Pagers
    • Radios, walkie-talkies
  • Equipment on loan to you:
    • Check with your department's property administrator to see if any equipment is signed out to you.
Note: You may wish to request a receipt from the department for returned items.

Be sure you complete these tasks before your last day of work.

  • Complete and submit any forms provided by your supervisor or HR contact.
  • Delete or transfer your e-mail and computer files as instructed by your supervisor.
  • Cancel your parking permit or transit pass:
  • Advise your department if there are any pending travel reconciliations or payment authorization reimbursements.
  • Reset your voice mail password to the five-digit extension number. Check with your supervisor about setting up a forwarding message.

Keep your permanent address current with UC.

Update your address to receive mailings from UC such as your W-2 by doing one of the following:

Use UC San Diego's resources.

Read these guidelines if you decide to return to work.

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