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CMS Training: Differences Between the Sandbox Training Site and Blink/ TritonLink

Read about specific considerations for Blink and TritonLink in the campus CMS.

Blink and TritonLink require extra care when using the CMS due to their size and complexity. Blink and TritonLink have specific templates that are slightly different than those used in the Sandbox training site. Contact if you have questions.

Page titles

Template difference

Blink templates have a required 'Title' field. This will automatically generate the Heading 1 for the page. Do not use Heading 1 in the body of the page. If you use headings, start with Heading 2. Learn more about headings.

Title naming conventions

Avoid similar page titles to other pages in the same site. You need to clearly differentiate your page for users and search engines. Do not title your page 'Contacts,' as there are many contacts pages in Blink and TritonLink. Instead, use a title in the form 'Department Name: Contacts.'

More examples:

Acceptable Blink titles Unacceptable Blink titles
Workplace Technology Services: About Us About Us (not specific enough)
CMS Frequently Asked Questions FAQ (not specific enough)

System names and display names can be repeated as long as they are in different folders.


The entire Blink and TritonLink sites are published every weekend to keep internal links updated. Additionally, Blink and TritonLink folders can be published at any time during the week as other users make updates.

If you are working on a page and you don't want it published to the live site, make sure that you disable publishing. You are responsible for re-enabling publishing for your page.

Moving/ Deleting/ Renaming

Do not move, delete or change the system name of pages or folders on the live site. (You may make these changes in your /_draft/ folder.) These changes can break links within the site.

If you need to have any of these changes made to a Blink page, email and we will check for potential broken links before making the update. For help with TritonLink pages, contact

Image, file and module locations

For consistent organization across multiple CMS users and to avoid duplicate information, images, files and modules are kept in separate folders from pages in the CMS.

Most CMS sites have a single folder for each of /_images, /_files and /_modules. Because of Blink's size, there are separate sets of these folders for each of the 7 general topics in Blink as well as each sponsor folder. Make sure you are uploading your assets to the correct locations.

For example, if you have a safety file to upload, put it in /safety/_files. An image for research should go in /research/_images. Do not put images in a /_modules folder - the images will not publish.