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Network Connections

Network Connections

Learn about UCSD's campus networks.

Connecting to campus networks

Wireless network

Connecting from off campus

UCSD's off-campus connections

  • As of June 2014, the Next Generation Network supports the following connections for UCSD production network traffic:
    • 20G (w/10G backup link) to CENIC (Corporation for Educational Networking in California) HPR (High Performance Research) -- includes other UC campuses, universities, Internet2 members, etc
    • 20G (w/10G backup link) to CENIC DC (Digital California) -- includes other Calif. schools and our commodity Internet services
  • UCSD NGN also supports several connections for UCSD experimental research use:
    • 10G to CENIC L2 — layer two services for specialized research use
    • CHERuB— 100G to CENIC/PacWave — in development, layer two services for specialized research use
  • UCSD/SDSC/CalIT2 support several other research connections on campus, including a direct connection to ESNET for specialized uses
  • Look at the campus network traffic "Weathermap"

UCSD's backbone network

  • Dual 10 Gbps (Gigabit-per-second) backbone
  • 1- or 10Gbps connections to buildings

Office and lab connections

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