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Registering a Non-UC San Diego Domain Name

Learn how to request and register a or domain name for a UC San Diego-hosted website or server.

Campus units and departments are strongly encouraged to use only UC San Diego domain/ host names in order to avoid confusing Internet users and to preserve and promote the integrity of UC San Diego. In limited cases, business, outreach, and research requirements may make non-UC San Diego names desirable.

The University policy PPM 135-8, “Registration, Management, and use of UC San Diego Domain Names,” lists the limited cases which may justify a non-UC San Diego name. While the policy requires Vice Chancellor approval for these requests, this requirement is suspended while the policy is being updated (2024).

Learn how to request and register a domain name that does not end in or for a UC San Diego-hosted website or server.

Make sure you qualify for a non-UC San Diego domain name.

  • Check your eligibility on the list below. You may apply for a non-UC San Diego domain name if you are a:
    • Faculty member
    • Graduate student (sponsored by a faculty member requesting a separate domain name for a specific laboratory, research project, or other work)
    • Department, unit, or other recognized campus organization (when business requires "branding" services with outside communities)

Meet all relevant campus and university requirements.

  • Configure your sites and servers to comply with all university and campus regulations, including:
  • Make your UC San Diego affiliation clear on your websites/ public-facing services.*
  • Acknowledge that UC San Diego provides the services your site offers. (You may use UC San Diego logos or text footnotes appropriately to meet this goal.)
  • Configure your Web servers to rewrite host names as UC San Diego host names (e.g., a user types “” in a browser, but when the page loads, the URL displays "").*

Choose your domain name.

  • Use these guidelines when choosing your domain name:
    • Ensure the name isn't already in use.
    • Use appropriate department, unit, laboratory, or project names.
    • Don't refer to another department or unit.
    • Use appropriate top-level domains, such as:
      • .org
      • .info
      • .name
      • .net
      • Choose a back-up domain name in case your first choice is taken.

    Note: Names should not refer to commercial enterprises like .biz, .com, or .bz. Exceptions are on a case-by-case basis and may require vice chancellor approval.

Request approval from the appropriate campus authorities.

  • Obtain written or e-mail approval for the domain name from:
    • Sponsoring faculty (where appropriate)
    • Department chair or business officer (where appropriate)
  • Keep record of authorizations, including names and dates.
  • If neither of the above is appropriate, IT Services will assess and provide approval if needed.

Register the new domain name.

  • Complete the registration form, with the following information:
    • The domain name or IP address of the machine that will be used for the new domain
    • 2 contact names
    • A recharge index number for the network registrar's fee (see form for current fees)
    • The number of years the domain will be registered
    • Names and dates of approval from campus authorities

Note: Turnaround time is normally a few business days on non-UC San Diego domain name requests because of the dependence on outside registrars.

For more information, contact the hostmaster.