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Registering a UC San Diego Domain Name

Learn how to request and register a or domain name for a UC San Diego computer.

In the right place? If the domain name does not end in or, see Registering a Non-UC San Diego Domain Name.

Every machine (computer, server, printer, etc.) connected to UC San Diego's network must have an assigned IP address and domain name, also called a host name. Use these steps to register your domain name (machine) or to change existing names.

Review UC San Diego and departmental domain name policy.

Note: Your system administrator usually is the approved representative to register names for all departmental machines.

Choose your domain name.

  • Use these guidelines when choosing an appropriate domain name:
    • Servers and other machines offering services need names that make sense to the people using them. Names might include "www" plus:
      • Your own name
      • Project name
      • Department name (e.g.,
      • Lab name
    • Names must not imply affiliation with other individuals, labs, or departments.
    • Names cannot infringe on non-university trademarks.

Register your domain name.

  • If you meet the requirements above, you can either:
    • Register a new machine (lacks an existing IP address and domain name):
      • Contact your department's system administrator. Many system administrators handle IP and domain registration for their local areas.
      • If your department does not have a system administrator, fill out a registration form with ITS Service Desk for each computer you wish to register. ITS will e-mail your IP address(es) and domain name(s) to you.
      • If you're not sure who to contact or how to proceed, contact the ITS Service Desk, (858) 246-4357.
    • Make changes to a registered machine.
      Contact the hostmaster to:
      • Change a machine's existing name. (Include its IP address in your request.)
      • Request additional names (in DNS terms, "A records" or "CNAMEs").
For more information, contact the hostmaster.