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Aerosol Disposal

Learn how to properly dispose of aerosol cans.

Keep aerosols out of the trashaerosol.JPG

Aerosol cans often malfunction or become damaged with contents (propellent/chemical) still inside. Even presumed empty aerosol cans may still contain propellent/chemical inside the container.

Empty, damaged, or malfunctioning, aerosol cans CANNOT be thrown into trash receptacles.

How to dispose of all aerosol cans

All aerosols need to be processed through EMF following the instructions listed below:

    • When completing an OTP for waste aerosols please choose:  

CHEMICAL → (Chemical Name) AEROSOL → (Hazardous Properties) FLAMMABLE

    • ALL waste aerosols on campus can be managed by using the aerosol profile in the OTP. Including lubricants, pesticides, cleaners, disinfectants, dusters, etc.…



Minimize waste

  • Buy only what you need.
  • Store aerosols in appropriate designated locations and protected from environmental conditions.
  • Re-use aerosols on different projects.
Questions? Contact the EH&S Environmental Management Facility, (858) 534-2753.
Notice: Disposal of hazardous waste using sinks, intentional evaporation, or as regular trash is against the law. Campus laboratories must abide by strict state and federal waste disposal requirements. You may be held liable for violations of applicable laws.