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Waste Generator Number (WGN) Overview

Learn how hazardous waste generator numbers are used and how to get one.

What is a WGN?

Chemical and radioactive hazardous waste generated at UC San Diego is tracked by Waste Generator Number, or WGN.

Generators of chemical and radioactive hazardous waste must apply for and receive a Waste Generator Number before Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S) can collect their waste for disposal. There is no charge for waste disposal to individual generators.

Information on your application is used for:

  • Tracking hazardous waste generated at UC San Diego facilities
  • Contacting generators with questions regarding waste contents, labeling, or containers

Apply for a WGN

Multiple facilities within the same department receive one WGN for use by all their facilities.

Generators with multiple departmental assignments must complete a separate application for each assignment.

Online Waste Tag Program

When you're assigned a WGN, you automatically get an Online Waste Tag Program (OTP) account.

Questions? Contact the EH&S Environmental Management Facility, (858) 534-2753.
Notice: Disposal of hazardous waste using sinks, intentional evaporation, or as regular trash is against the law. Campus laboratories must abide by strict state and federal waste disposal requirements. You may be held liable for violations of applicable laws.