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PPE for Researchers

Find information about UC San Diego's laboratory PPE Distribution Program.


We offer two options for PPE fittings: Only select one of these options.

  • in-person appointments: book your in-person PPE Office appointment here.
  • virtual fittings completed via email: complete our online fitting form and a PPE respresentative will get back to you.

Speak with your supervisor and ensure you have been added to the LHAT (Laboratory Hazard Assessment Tool) prior to scheduling an appointment or filling out the Online PPE Fitting Form.

UC San Diego has a department funded PPE Distribution Program to provide labs with minimum personal protective equipment (PPE). Each eligible lab member will receive two lab coats and one pair of safety glasses for the duration of their time at UC San Diego. 

Other types of PPE such as face shields, chemical splash goggles, fire-resistant aprons, etc. are available for labs by special request.

PPE Office

COVID-19: Inventory of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that is available for purchase via Oracle Procurement

Eligibility for the PPE Distribution Program

Eligible lab members include:

  • Any researcher employed by UC San Diego (i.e. paid undergrads, grad students, post-docs, and staff) that will be working in the lab for at least one year. 
  • Volunteers will receive a loaner lab coat, which is a temporary use coat they will return to the PPE Office when are finished working in the lab.

Important: Please have yourself added to your PI's Personnel List in the LHAT (Laboratory Hazard Assessment Tool) on the My Research Safety web page to participate in the PPE Distribution Program.

If you are a volunteer, visiting scholar, or any other affiliate without a UC San Diego active directory account (Single Sign-On), you must complete steps 1 and 2 below in order to meet the UC San Diego training requirements.

  1. Register for an affiliate UC San Diego active directory account:
    • To register, contact your Department Security Administrator.
    • Use DSA Search to lookup your DSA by UC San Diego email address (use the address of a current lab member).
  2. Email the Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S) Research Assistance Program:
    • Email the EH&S Research Assistance Program,,to be added to the EH&S database. Include this information:
      • Your full name
      • Your PI's name
      • Your affiliate UC San Diego business systems account username (typically starts with AFF-)

For people who are not eligible for this program, PPE can be purchased on Oracle Procurement or in the Campus Bookstore.

See Personal Protective Equipment - Requirements: Research Employees to learn how to use the Laboratory Hazard Assessment Tool (LHAT) on My Research Safety.

UC San Diego Loaner program

The Loaner program provides a lab coat to any individual who does not have a personally fitted coat. Each member of a lab must be personally fitted for a lab coat and safety glasses. 

Lab Coat Fitting Guidance


Types of PPE

UC San Diego is currently offering several Types of Personal Protective Equipment (PDF).

All faculty, students, staff, and visitors must wear proper personal protective equipment (PPE) when in the laboratories. In addition to the use of exposure control equipment, such as fume hoods, and following safe work practices, the correct selection and use of PPE is an essential element of safe work in the laboratory.

Each Principal Investigator is responsible for the proper selection and use of PPE in the laboratory. To determine the required PPE, complete the laboratory hazard assessment tool (LHAT), under My Research Safety,  to document the potential hazards present and the associated level of PPE required.

Request for Additional PPE

Use this form to request gloves, aprons, face shields and/or chemical splash goggles from the PPE Distribution Program. This form must be completed by the PI or Area Safety Coordinator. After submission, you will receive an e-mail from the PPE Distribution Program when your PPE is ready for pick up.

Prescription Safety Eyewear


Prescription Eyewear purchases will not be covered by EH&S. Your department is responsible for the purchase of prescription safety glasses.

 Steps for Ordering Prescription Safety Eyewear
  1. Obtain a copy of your current eye prescription from your Ophthalmologist/Optometrist.
  2. Begin your order by creating a Goods- One Time Shipment request via Oracle. Do not use the Punchout system or your order will not be processed.
  3. Complete the Goods- One Time Shipment request by entering the following information: 
    1. Item Description: Prescription Safety Eyewear- enter “Basic Package” or “Enhanced Package”
    2. Category Name: Lab Supplies
    3. Quantity: 1
    4. UOM Name: EA
    5. Supplier: Fisher Scientific
    6. Price:
      • Basic Package18999575- $148.80- Any Hoya Safety plastic frame (20+ Styles to Choose From). Single Vision, Bifocal, Trifocal, Occupational and Progressive Lens Designs. Polycarbonate or Plastic lens materials. Choice of Scotchgard Easy Clean or Anti-Fog Coating. Tint: Solid or Gradient. Side Shields: Integrated, Detachable or Permanently attached. Eye Care Professional fitting services.
      • Enhanced Package18999576- $148.80-  This package contains all items listed in the Basic Package above and the following additional items: Any frame from the Hoya Safety frame collection. This included Stainless Steel and Titanium frame options.
      • Transitions / Polarized18999577- $99.60-This option includes Transitions or Polarized lenses.May be added to either package listed above. This option is selected on the Hoya order form. Requires authorization to be completed on the Hoya order form. Once you complete the irequest and it is approved, you will receive a PO number. 
  1. Once you are assigned the PO number, click on this link: UC San Diego Prescription Safety Eyewear Portal.
  2. Click on Ordering Safety Eyewear.
  3. Select package type Enhanced Package or Enhanced Sunglass Package.
  4. Click on Continue.
  5. Fill out the form with the requested information:
  6. For Sunglass Option, select Yes / No.
  7. For Company Name, enter an abbreviation of the department you are assigned to.
  8. For Company Account Number with Distributor, enter the PO number assigned from the irequest.
  9. Select Continue.
  10. Select View Form and print a copy of the form to take with you to your appointment with a Hoya provider.
  11. Next, click on the link on the left toolbar To locate a Hoya Network Eyecare Professional in your area. Once you have selected a provider, call and schedule an appointment to be fitted for safety glasses.
If you are experiencing issues, please contact the PPE Office at 858-534-2698 or

Lab Coat Laundry Process (Campus)

How the lab coat laundry process works

Any member of a UC San Diego research lab who uses or purchases a lab coat can use the free laundry program described below. However, to participate in this laundry program you must:

  • Be listed on your PI's Personnel List in the LHAT application.
  • Have each of your lab coats assigned to you in LHAT for laundering purposes

Participating labs receive pre-printed or pre-labeled envelopes. Use these envelopes to mail soiled lab coats to the laundry service via Campus Mail Services.

How to get your coat cleaned

Important: If a coat is potentially contaminated with hazardous material, DO NOT send it in for laundering. Contact the EH&S PPE team at for instructions.

All lab coats must be decontaminated prior to laundry.

  1. Get a pre-labeled laundry envelope from your Lab Manager or Area Safety Coordinator.
  2. Fill in the required information on the envelope label:
    • Name
    • PI name
    • Building
    • Room
  3. Empty pockets, fold and put your dry lab coat in the envelope. Seal it.
    • Send only 1 lab coat per envelope.
    • Do not put a wet coat in the envelope!
  4. Place the sealed envelope in any Campus Mail out-box or in a lab coat laundry mailbox (see locations below).

Your laundered lab coat will be delivered back to your lab within 2 weeks.

Need more envelopes?

Note: Lab coats must be laundered by a laundry service that adheres to Title 8, Section 5193 of the California Code of Regulations. Do not take them home!

Questions about delivery or laundering of your lab coat? Contact the EH&S PPE team at

Lab Coat Decontamination Processes



Lab Coat Laundry Mailbox Locations

Coats sent for laundering must be in properly labeled envelopes (read the "Lab coat laundry process" section above for how to get your coat cleaned).

Additionally, mailboxes exclusively for the lab coat laundry program are available at these buildings:

  • Leichtag Medical Research Building - Inside in the small corridor off the main lobby
  • Medical Teaching Facility - Outside by the elevator and FedEx box
  • Pacific Hall - Outside by the south entrance and FedEx box
  • Powell Focht Bioengineering Hall - Outside by the southeast entrance off of Warren Mall
  • Hubbs Hall - Outside of Room 4500
  • Skaggs Pharmaceutical Science Building - Inside on the first floor back corridor near the loading dock

Items from these boxes are picked up on Wednesdays every week.

Missing Lab Coats

Missing Coats: If you submitted your coat into our campus laundry system and it has been over two weeks since your submission, please contact the PPE Office at


My Principal Investigator has general use lab coats available in the lab. Can I just wear one of those?

No. Due to Cal/OSHA Title 8 regulations Section 3380, each member of a lab must be personally fitted for their own lab coat and safety glasses. 

What should I do when an individual is no longer working in the lab and has left their embroidered lab coat behind?

If an individual will no longer be participating in the lab they have the option to keep their personalized coats or donate the coats to the PPE office, where the coats will be redistributed through the Loaner program. You can drop off any old coats directly at the PPE Office at Hopkins Parking Structure, 2nd floor office.

Does the PPE program offer UV protective Safety Eyewear?

The PPE office carries safety glasses and goggles that offer eye protection against UV rays (99.9%). If you require UV eye protection, please reach out to the PPE Office to ensure you are properly fitted for eyewear.

Can I send a non-UC San Diego lab coat to campus laundry?

Yes. As long as you are assigned to a Principal Investigator in the LHAT, a non-UC San Diego lab coat can be cleaned through our campus laundry program.

What should I do if it has been over two weeks since I sent my lab coat into campus laundry and have not received it back?

If you submitted a lab coat into campus laundry and have not received it back, please contact the PPE Office at so that we can follow up with our vendor.

Will I receive a UC San Diego loaner lab coat back if I submit it into campus laundry?

Each UC San Diego loaner lab coat that is submitted into campus will be cleaned and returned to the PPE Office. If you still require a loaner lab coat, please reach out to the PPE office

If I break/scratch/lose my safety glasses can I pick up another pair from the PPE Office?

The PPE Office will provide one replacement pair of safety glasses. If you have already received a replacement pair through our office then it is the responsibility of your assigned lab to purchase you a new pair.

Questions? Contact the EH&S PPE team at or (858) 534-2698.
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