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Slip Resistant Footwear

Learn about slip-resistant footwear for employees that are routinely exposed to significant slip and fall hazards.

UC Slip Resistant Footwear (SRF) Program

The Office of the President, Office of Risk Services (OPRS) provides oversight and funding for the UC SRF Program. The goal of the UC SRF Program is to provide high-quality, slip-resistant footwear to employees whose job duties routinely expose them to significant slip and fall hazards.

The slip-resistant footwear provided by the program is effective in reducing slips on indoor, hard, smooth surfaces such as tile, smooth concrete, wood, and smooth metal that may be dry, intermittently wet, or saturated. Examples of such surfaces include wet kitchen floors, greasy kitchen floors, wet cage washing rooms, and floors that are wet from mopping, waxing, or stripping.

Program participation is typically declined for the following environments:

  • Carpeted environments, outdoor surfaces, or uneven surfaces such as dirt, wet grass, gravel and rough concrete.


Program Participation Guidelines

Employees who are required to wear slip-resistant footwear as PPE are eligible to apply for the program. Eligibility is determined based on a risk assessment performed with EH&S. To enroll in the program, please follow these instructions:

  • Have your supervisor contact
  • The supervisor must provide a description of the slip and fall hazards within your group.
  • In addition, the supervisor must provide justification for the enrollment of your department in the program e.g., Consider providing historical slip and fall injury data and any other supporting information.

Together with your EH&S liaison, complete and submit the SRF program participation application for review and approval.

For complete program information including access to the slip-resistant footwear portal, visit the UC Slip Resistant Footwear Program.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What types of slip-resistant footwear are available and how often can I order?

Shoes (including work boots and waterproof boots):

Each eligible employee enrolled in the program must re-order shoes every 6 months to maintain the protective quality of the footwear and to ensure that employees are covered under the SRF Program Warranty.


Overshoes are reusable slip-resistant shoe covers that are worn over an individual’s own shoes. They come in a range of sizes and can be shared among multiple users during their lifetime of use which is up to 6 months of normal wear (based upon a 40-hour work week). Only authorized purchasers have access to place orders on the Overshoes accounts and there is no limit to the number of overshoes that can be purchased.


Supportive insoles are now available for ordering using the Overshoes accounts with each supplier. At this time, only authorized purchasers have access to place orders on the Overshoes accounts. As with overshoes, there is no limit to the number of insoles that can be purchased so that they may be replaced on an as-needed basis.

Do departments need to pay for the footwear?

The program is fully funded by OPRS and there is no cost for individual departments.

Who can order shoes?

Authorized purchasers are able to place and manage shoe orders. Individual employees may order their own shoes only when granted access by their unit or primary contact. It is important for group contacts and purchasers to ensure that shoe orders are not overdue.

Only authorized purchasers are able to purchase overshoes and insoles.

Are students, part-time, or short-term employees eligible for the program?

Student employees are not eligible to enroll in the program and must be issued overshoes.

Part-time employees who work 20 hours or more per week are eligible to enroll and should be issued slip-resistant footwear every 6-month. Employees working less than 20 hours must be issued overshoes.

Short-term employees who will be working more than 60 days are eligible to enroll and should be issued slip-resistant footwear. Employees working less than 60 days must be issued overshoes.

Can I select shoes that are not in the pre-selected catalog?

At this time, all employees enrolled in the program are required to select shoes from the pre-approved catalog. Employees who do not wear their employer-provided PPE may be subject to disciplinary action.

The only exception to the mandatory participation is for employees who wear shoes prescribed by their physician to address a medical condition (proper documentation is required). In such situations, employees are permitted to wear their prescribed shoes but must wear slip-resistant shoe covers (provided by both suppliers) over their shoe to reduce slip/fall injury potential.

How can I make a return or exchange?

Employees have up to 60 days to return or exchange shoes even if they are used. It is recommended that employees work with their authorized purchaser to exchange shoes with the same supplier utilizing the online EZ exchange method. Once the authorized purchaser submits the exchange online, the shoes can be shipped via UPS or USPS with the prepaid shipping label which is inside the box.

Offline exchanges or returns for another supplier are not recommended as this creates delays in the employee receiving their shoes. If an employee would like to switch to another supplier, it is recommended that they do this in their next ordering period.

Instructions on returns/exchanges

I cannot find an employee in the portal. How can I add them?

If an employee is not searchable in the portal, please follow these instructions:

  1. Instruct employees to log on to the UCOP SRF portal using their SSO information.
  2. Once the employee successfully logs in, this should populate their information into the system and allow them to be searchable by the unit contacts
  3. If you are still not able to search them after they have logged in or you encounter an error, submit an IT request via email.

I was previously enrolled in a group on campus but now work for a different department. How can I be added to the new group?

Currently, there is no way to move employees from group to group. Your previous department must manually remove you before you may be added to your new group given that they are also enrolled in the program.

I never received my shoes, who can I contact?

For all footwear products and specific order inquiries, work with your unit contact to email the supplier. When emailing, provide the unit code which begins with UCSD followed by a series of numbers. 

How can I request another shoe style offered by one of the suppliers that are not in the pre-approved list?

OPRS has carefully evaluated and selected appropriate styles based on a number of criteria, including the coefficient of friction, various features that meet the needs of different job titles enrolled, price, etc. The individual department will be charged for any shoe style ordered that is not on the approved style list. If you would like to submit a request to add a style to the pre-approved list, contact your EH&S liaison with justification to support your need.

Program Contacts and Resources

Footwear Product/Order Inquiries 

Technical Issues with Slip-Resistant Program Portal 

General Program Inquiries

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