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Ways to Acquire Inventorial Equipment

Find out how to acquire inventorial equipment for your department.

UCSD has two types of equipment

  1. Inventorial equipment has an acquisition cost of $5,000 or more and must be tracked as property through CAMS (Campus Asset Management System) and through UCSD’s financial system.
  2. Non-inventorial equipment has an acquisition cost of $1,500-$4,999 and must be tracked only through the financial system, or the elective module in CAMS.

Both types of equipment include items owned by or in the custody of UCSD that:

  • Are non-expendable
  • Stand alone
  • Have a normal useful life of one year
  • Qualify as tangible personal property (can be appraised for value)

For details on inventorial and non-inventorial equipment, see Equipment Management Basics.

Ways to acquire inventorial equipment

The links below provide instructions on how to add the record using CAMS.

  • Purchase

    You purchase equipment from an outside vendor using Marketplace.
  • Gift

    Outside sources such as manufacturers and philanthropic organizations often donate equipment to UCSD as a gift.
  • Loan

    Your department may receive equipment on loan from other departments, campuses, or outside agencies.
  • Fabrication

    A fabrication is when you manufacture something and its component parts result in an item that has a value of $5000 or more, can stand alone, and has a useful life of one year or more, you have acquired a piece of inventorial equipment.
  • Recharge

    You can use the recharge process to purchase equipment through UCSD departments such as STORE, UCSD Bookstore, or Administrative Computing and Telecommunications (ACT).
  • Transfer

    You can receive inventorial equipment transferred from another UC campus or outside agency.