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Ways to Dispose of Inventorial Equipment

Find out how you can dispose of excess inventorial equipment.

UCSD's Campus Asset Management System (CAMS)

Equipment at UCSD is managed through the Campus Asset Management System.  To learn more about CAMS, take advantage of these training opportunities:


The following policies govern UCSD's management of equipment:

Guidelines for disposal of inventorial equipment

Your department may dispose of excess equipment only if the University holds the title to that equipment. All disposals must be processed through the CAMS system.

Departments are not allowed to donate excess equipment to any outside entity, including educational institutions, government bodies, or nonprofit organizations, as a method of disposal.

In most cases, excess property is transferred to Surplus Sales for disposal. Department can directly dispose of inventorial equipment only if one of the following circumstances occur:

  • Lost or stolen: Police report is required.
  • Destroyed/cannibalized: EIMR form is required.
  • Trade-in: Purchase Order number is required.
  • Inter-Campus transfer: EIMR form is required when transferring equipment to another UC campus.
  • Miscellaneous: Letter from Department Chair authorizing the disposal are required. These disposals are usually undocumented, after-the-fact disposals, or PI transfers to an agency outside the UC system.

Ways to dispose of equipment

The links below provide instructions on ways to dispose of equipment and remove the record using CAMS.

  • Send to Surplus Sales

    UCSD Surplus Sales serves as a means to liquidate/ dispose of excess University property by holding public sales and interdepartmental recharge sales.
  • Transfer or loan

    You may Transfer or loan excess equipment to another UCSD department or UC campus.
  • Trade-in

    You may trade-in equipment on a new purchase using the high value purchase order process.
  • Destroy, discard, or cannibalize

    Please contact Equipment Management, (858) 534-6163, for instructions on how to proceed with this alternative.
  • Lost or stolen

    Equipment may be considered disposed of it it is lost or stolen.

Research equipment

Before disposing of research equipment and furniture, or any equipment possibly contaminated with hazardous material, see How to Get a Decontamination Clearance for Equipment or Facilities.

Note: Sale of equipment through any means other than Surplus Sales is prohibited.

Vehicles: All vehicle disposals must be processed through Fleet Services.

For details on inventorial and non-inventorial equipment, see Equipment Management Basics.