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How to Add Accessories to Existing Inventorial Equipment

Follow the steps below to purchase accessories for an existing piece of equipment.

UCSD has two types of equipment

  1. Inventorial equipment has an acquisition cost of $5,000 or more and must be tracked as property through CAMS (Campus Asset Management System) and through UCSD’s financial system.
  2. Non-inventorial equipment has an acquisition cost of $1,500-$4,999 and must be tracked only through the financial system, or the elective module in CAMS.

For more information on inventorial equipment, see Equipment Management Basics.

Note: To be considered an accessory, the value of the item must be at least $5,000. For more information, see Accessories, Freight, and Equipment Value.

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1. Place order in Marketplace

  • Complete an iRequest in Marketplace for the accessory purchase and add the form to your cart
  • During checkout, in the ‘UCID/FAB/WO & RUA’ step, include the UCID number for the existing piece of inventorial equipment that the accessory is purchased for, under ‘Accessory to UCID No.’
  • Use account code 649091

Note: You must have a have a valid Business Systems account and be authorized to complete purchase requisitions.

2. Confirm that the value of the accessory has been added to the equipment in your inventory.

Check CAMS to see that the equipment's record reflects an increase in value by the dollar amount of the accessory.

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