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Processing an Equipment Gift or Donation

Learn more about processing a piece of equipment as a gift or donation

Processing an equipment gift or donation

All gift/donation requests are to be directed to UC San Diego's Advancement Services (AS) – Gift Processing

UC San Diego's Strategic Procurement plays the following role in processing equipment as a gift or donation: 

  • For outright donations, the role of Strategic Procurement is to validate the UC San Diego price that would have been paid for the items had they been purchased rather than donated. AS - Gift Processing will use this information to record and report the value of the items donated as private support, once they have been physically delivered to the campus.

Strategic Procurement requires a formal written quotation from the entity providing the donation with the following details on the piece of equipment:

  • Manufacturer’s Name
  • Model Name and/or Number
  • Manufacturer’s Part Number
  • Detailed Description
  • Years in use/ original puchase date (if not new)
  • List Price or Fair Market Value if USED/Refurbished/Demo
    • Standard UC San Diego’s discounted Price
    • Any applicable additional discount

Processing a deeply discounted piece of equipment

Strategic Procurement will handle deeply discounted pieces of equipment as a regular purchase.

Complete a Goods and Associated Services iRequest:

  • Enter your supplier on the iRequest
  • Complete the product/service details
  • Complete the Price Rationale and Source Justification sections as necessary
  • After you have completed the iRequest, select the appropriate Account Code in your shopping cart (a list of equipment account codes can be found here)
  • Once the submitted shopping cart routes to a Professional Buyer they will perform due diligence and negotiations. Assuming all policy and regulations are in order, and proper terms and conditions can be negotiated, the Buyer will approve the requisition so that a PO can be issued to the supplier.  
    • Strategic Procurmeent will validate pricing for both the “standard” UC San Diego discount and the deep discount.  UC San Diego's Advancement Services (AS) - Gift Processing will determine if the difference between the standard discounted pricing and the deep discounted pricing warrants a bargain sale to have occurred within CASE standards (contact AS – Gift Processing regarding CASE).  If so, that difference will constitute the private support to be recorded.

UC San Diego Representative Contacts

  • Strategic Procurement:
    • Submit an ASK case or call 858-534-9494 
  • Advancement Services - Gift Processing:
  • Asset Management:
Need help? Contact our team via the UC San Diego Services & Support portal.