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Processing Equipment Loans

Learn more about processing equipment loan requests

UC San Diego's Strategic Procurement facilitates equipment loans with no charge associated with them and are not contingent on UC San Diego providing anything to the supplier in return.

Processing a loan request

In Marketplace enter the following on the Goods and Associated Services iRequest (*please review contingent requirements before completing an iRequest):

  • Enter your supplier on the iRequest
  • Complete the product/service details entering a price of zero dollars
  • Attach the completed and signed Equipment Loan Agreement document
  • After you have completed the iRequest, select the following Account Code in your shopping cart '635300-Rental of Equipment and Furniture'
  • Once the submitted shopping cart routes to a Professional Buyer they will assign a UCID# for captial equipment with a loan period of over one year

If there are contingent requirements

Contact the Office of Contracts and Grants Administration (OCGA) if the loaning of the equipment is contingent on UC San Diego providing reciprocity to the loaner, for example project reporting, feedback, data, collaboration, licensing, etc.. 

Refer to OCGA contact information below:

Option to purchase the equipment loaned

If there is an option to purchase the equipment loaned at the end of the period, do the following to exercise that option:

  • In Marketplace complete the Goods and Related Services iRequest to establish a new PO for the purchase
    • Make sure to add the original PO number and select the appropriate equipment Account Code 
    • Complete the Price Rationale and Source Justificiation fields on the iRequest 

UC San Diego Representative Contacts

Need help? Contact our team via the UC San Diego Services & Support portal.