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Capital Equipment Financing

Learn more about capital equipment financing

UC San Diego Departments may acquire internal financing for equipment through the Campus Treasury Office (CTO). These low, fixed-rate loans can be obtained through an internal financing program called UCSD Capital Equipment Financing (SD CapEquip).

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SD CapEquip program guidelines

  • The size of the loan must be $100,000 or greater.
  • The equipment must have a useful life of at least 3 years. Loans will be amortized over a minimum of 3 and maximum of 7 years.
  • Equipment purchases may be bundled to reach the $100,000 minimum. Note: Bundled equipment must have a useful life of at least 3 years.
  • Debt service is recorded semi-annually, November (interest) and May (interest + principal).
  • Interest rates are set annually and are locked for the life of the loan.
  • Disposal of the equipment prior to full amortization requires the remaining principal to be paid in full.
  • Some acquisitions may not qualify: The Department must display adequate financial strength to repay the loan. Sponsored projects generally do not qualify, except under limited circumstances such as bridge-funding or acquisitions specifically budgeted as financed.

Benefits of the SD CapEquip Program

  • SD CapEquip is designed to be simple. The agreement is just one page, compared to a lengthy equipment lease agreement.
  • SD CapEquip interest rates are usually lower and the terms and conditions better than those of a third party financial institution.
  • The processing time is shorter – generally processed and approved in 1 week.
  • The procurement process is simpler – it follows the standard procurement process by issuing a PO directly to the supplier.
  • There is no bidding of lease rates or changing payment schedules.

For more information or to get started

  • Contact Deanna Richardson at the Campus Treasury Office: d2richardson@ucsd.edu or 858-534-6519
  • Contact Strategic Procurement via ASK (login required) or call 858-534-9494

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