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Cashiering Services: How to Order Currency and Coin

If your department needs specific currency and coin denominations to conduct UCSD business, contact the Central Cashier's Office.

Note: Currency and coin services are available to departments conducting UCSD business. This service is also available to students, staff, and faculty who may need to break a large bill or get change for personal reasons.

1. Decide what denomination of currency and coin you need to purchase.

2. Place your currency and coin order.

  • For Walk-In pickup, please call ahead to the Main Vault Custodian at (858) 534-3748 to place your order.
  • For delivery service via MPS Security, please call the Change Order line at (858) 534-8404 before 8:00 a.m on the day of expected delivery.
  • For deposit pick-up service via MPS Security, please call the Vault Custodian at (858) 534-3748 before 8:00 a.m on the day of expected pick-up.

3. Receipt of your currency and coin order.

  • Walk-In pickup orders: Be sure to bring the money you wish to exchange for specific currency and coin to the Central Cashier's Office on Myers Drive, Suite 170 in the Student Services Center (map). If you are bringing large quantities of coin to exchange, please have them rolled and record your department contact  information on each roll.
  • MPS delivery: You must already have an account setup with the Cashiers Office to utilize this service.  If you have any questions about how to setup an account, please contact the Cashiers Office Vault Custodian, Maggie Hernandez, at (858) 534-3748.
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