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System Status: 

Messenger Services

Apollo Couriers, Inc. has been onboarded as an agreement supplier for courier services. See below for more information.

Changes to Messenger Services

As a result of the changes to how business is conducted today, in large part, due to the pandemic, Integrated Procure-to-Pay Solutions (IPPS) has ended our in-house Messenger Services. Read the full notice.

Apollo Couriers have been onboarded as a new agreement supplier in the courier services space to help ease the transition. Read the notice update.

Apollo Courier Services 

Establishing an Account 

  1. To get started, fill out the New Account Setup form (PDF). 
    • Be sure to complete the Primary Contact & Billing Contact section - those fields are required.
    • The Description Of Services section is optional and can be filled out if you will have standing, recurring jobs.
  2. Send the completed form to and

Requesting Courier Services

For step-by-step instructions on how to request Apollo Courier services online and find service descriptions and rates, view or download the Apollo Courier Services PDF.

Once you have established an account, requests can be submitted through Apollo’s Order Portal, or by phone at 800-873-3444.

To facilitate an easier and more efficient courier experience, please use your physical address that was implemented by campus earlier this year through the Triton Addressing Initiative.

Paying For Courier Services

Apollo Courier has been onboarded as a supplier in Oracle. If you will be a frequent user of courier services, you should create a PO for Apollo. It is suggested that you use an Amount Based form in Oracle that will cover the approximate yearly charges for Apollo to bill against. When searching for Apollo in Oracle, you can search by supplier number 327580, or Apollo Couriers, Inc.

Apollo can also accept credit cards with a 4% surcharge.

Preparing Your Items For Pickup

Please ensure your items are packaged, sealed, and ready to go when requesting services. Due to variations in courier requests, it’s possible that the courier could arrive shortly after the request is submitted.

Find answers, request services, or get help from our team at the UC San Diego Services & Support portal.