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Recording Short Videos with Quick Capture

Need to record a short video and don't have any recording software on your computer? Kaltura's Quick Capture is an easy-to-use browser-based solution.

Our contract with Kaltura allows all UCSD community members to download and install Kaltura Capture, which allows users to capture their screen, camera, and microphone. But Kaltura has another screen capture option that doesn't require you to install anything: Quick Capture.

What is Express Capture?

Quick Capture (which is technically called "Express Capture" by Kaltura) is an entirely web browser-based recording solution - you don't need to download any software.

You can use Quick Capture to capture your microphone, camera, and screen. If you elect to capture your screen and your camera, your video will be a dual-stream video. It's a great option for recording short videos or encouraging users to create their own videos, since they won't need to download any software.

Note that Quick Capture works best in Chrome and will not work properly in Safari (Mac).


  1. Within Canvas, click "My Media" in the left navigation.
  2. Click "+ Add New" at the top of the screen and select "Quick Capture." (Note that your browser may ask you if it's ok if MediaSpace has access to your camera and microphone. If so, allow/grant the access.)
  3. Select your recording preferences. Using the carets next to each icon, you should be able to choose any camera or microphone connected to your computer.

Note: The first time you elect to capture your screen, it's possible your computer will need to provide screen recording access to your browser. Follow the instructions that your operating system provides to do so.

  1. When you're ready, click the red button to start recording. A 3-second timer should count down.
  2. When you're done recording your video, click the red button again.
  3. You can now opt to either record again, download a copy of the video, or use what you just recorded. If you're satisfied with your recording, click "Use This."

Note: If you captured your screen and camera, clicking "download a copy" will download 2 separate files to your computer - the camera feed (with audio) and the screen capture (with no audio). You may have to approve a request from your browser to allow Canvas to download multiple files.

  1. Edit any metadata you'd like for the entry and click "Save." The entry will need to process for a short time.

Have additional questions about video? Contact Multimedia Services at