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Working with Videos in Canvas (Kaltura)

Discover tutorials and troubleshooting focused on videos that you use in Canvas via the Kaltura media tools.

By design or by necessity, many instructors are teaching online at UCSD. Below you'll find a variety of resources that will help you use the features of Canvas and Kaltura to help you share and produce high-quality videos yourself more easily.

Watch the video below to get an overview of Kaltura, our partner who provides video services within Canvas.

Adding Videos to Your Course

Our instance of Canvas offers a variety of ways to add or create videos for your course in Canvas. Find a method that appeals to you, and click on the link to learn how.

Editing Videos

While neither Canvas nor Kaltura Capture offers expansive postproduction capabilities, there are some things you can (and even should) do with your videos once you've uploaded them to your course. Check out our tutorials below to learn more.

Presenting Videos to Students

So you've uploaded a video to Canvas. But now what? How do you make it visible to students? Check out our articles below to learn about various methods of publishing your videos.

  • Publish vs. Embed: what each term means and what our recommended approach is
  • Embedding videos: how to insert your video into a piece of instructional material
  • Publishing videos: how to make your videos appear in (or disappear from) your course's Media Gallery
  • Enabling downloads: how to configure your videos so your students can download them
  • Playlists: how to create, edit, and embed collections of media called "playlists"
  • Moderating Media: how to make it so you control what ends up in the Media Gallery
  • FAQs: frequently asked questions about presenting videos in Canvas


  • Video analytics: data gathered on individual videos
  • Course analytics: data collected on all the videos in a course
  • FAQs: frequently asked questions about Kaltura analytics within Canvas


Need additional help with video? Contact the Multimedia Services team at