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Housing Dining Hospitality

The webpages below feature listings of currently contracted supplier agreements for use by all University of California locations systemwide.

UC San Diego - Housing • Dining • Hospitality is an entirely self-sufficient and self-supporting department with over 1,000 full time, part time, and student employees within our 9 divisions. HDH provides housing for nearly 12,000 undergraduates, transfer students, grad students, faculty, staff and their families. HDH also provides maintenance and repair, contract meals/meal plan management, as well as retail food service, conference services, and catering services to student residents, faculty, staff, and campus visitors.

Mission of UC San Diego - Housing • Dining • Hospitality is to support the philosophy, mission, and goals of the University of California. We strive to meet the needs of our customers by exhibiting an exceptional level of professionalism, social responsibility, and service.

Under the UC San Diego's Integrated Procure-to-Pay Solutions organization, the Housing • Dining • Hospitality Team supports the competitive bid process, negotiating contracts, implementing new agreements, and supporting compliance with UC policies and Federal and State regulations related to the procurement of  services and associated goods.

 UC San Diego members are strongly encouraged to seek competition and use Small Businesses First.

Agreement Suppliers

UC and local agreement suppliers

Company Name Agreement Type Description Contact
BCB Cafe UCSD Bagels Distributor Kristee Gilbert
Fifty Fifty UCSD Insulated Beverage Containers Chris Gehr
Aramark UCOP Linen Laundry Services Mike Connolly
Jim Duke Service Company UCSD Coffee and Espresso Machines Jim Duke
Snake Oil Cocktail Company UCSD Bartending/Alcohol Provider Michael Esposito
Bewley's/Ecogrounds UCSD Coffee/Tea Jerrid Broadbent
Greenleaf UCSD Interior Plant Services Sheldon Cohen
Sysco Food Distribution UCOP Food Distributor Nick Demich
Sunrise Produce UCOP Fresh Produce Raul Martinez
Tailored Desserts UCSD Desserts Suan Wang
Imperial Dade/APP UCSD Disposables Corey Breskin

Certified Small Businesses

Small business resources
Company Name Description Contact
BCB Cafe Bagels Kristee Gilbert
Santa Monica Seafood Seafood Evan Stanley 800-969-8862
RW Smith Kitchen Equipment and Smallwares Customer Service
Tailored Desserts Pastries Susan Wang
Sunrise Produce Produce Distributor Raul Martinez
Truly Good Foods Nuts and Fruits Anna Whitlow
Anita Fire Hose Company Fire Extinguisher Inspection & Maintenance Anita
Sunrise Produce Fresh Produce Raul Martinez

Small Business First Waiver

Learn about the process and requirements for requesting a Small Business First Waiver for non-Federally funded purchases ≥$10,000 and ≤$250,000.

Small Business First Summary:

UC Policy BUS-43 requires that all non-construction and non-federally funded purchases valued between ≥$10,000 and ≤$250,000 annually (excluding tax but including shipping) that cannot be procured via existing strategically sourced agreements, the University must first seek to award the purchase to a certified Small Business (SB) or Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE). This is known as the Small Business First (SB1st) program


When to request a Waiver:  

Instances where the SB1st program may not be feasible, or when contracting with businesses other than a certified SB or DVBE is justified may include, but are not limited to: 

  • Industries where at least two (2) SBs or two (2) DVBEs are not available 
  • Business needs dictate requirements that cannot be met by an SB or DVBE. 

A Waiver should be used when the requesting party must make an award to a non-SB or DVBE where an award to an SB/DVBE would otherwise be required. 

Waiver Exemptions:

The following purchase and/or agreement types are exempt from the SB1st policy and do not require a Waiver:

Purchases from existing strategically sourced or competitively bid agreements, sole source, design/construction, true emergencies, federal funds, interagency, local government, research sub-awards, higher education institutions, concessions/revenue/reimbursement, and medical and patient care.

Detailed explanations for the waiver exemption categories listed above are available on the UC Staff SB1st webpage.

What requirements must be met? 

The SB1st Waiver must be approved by the appropriate Policy Exception Authority (or designee) prior to making a purchase or contracting with a company that is not an SB/DVBE.


Non-Federally funded awards to SB/DVBEs valued over $100,000 must also be reported using the Source Selection & Price Reasonableness form.

UC policy requires applicable awards not made to SB/DVBEs be documented for audit purposes. Requisitions/POs are the system of record for campus procurement and the supporting documentation must be attached for compliance and audit preparedness. 

Non‐Federally funded goods and services above $10,000 must be purchased in compliance with the California Public Contract Code (PCC) and UC policies, including the UC SB1st policy. UC must use its own documented procurement procedures which reflect applicable State laws and regulations, provided that the procurements conform to applicable Federal law and standards. Federally funded purchases in part or in whole are exempt from this program, but it is encouraged that the University utilize the SB1st program wherever practicable. 

If your request for a waiver is granted, the entire Waiver must be completed prior to submission. 

Who should request a Waiver? 

A Waiver must be completed by the responsible requesting party or department for all applicable orders to substantiate the appropriateness of awarding to a non-SB or non-DVBE. Per UC Policy BUS-43, the Waiver is subject to approval by the delegated Policy Exception Authority, a professional buyer supervisor at UC San Diego.

How to request a Waiver:

To get started, fill out and submit this Services & Support Request form. To ensure your request is routed to the appropriate approval authority for the commodity type please include the following:


Find answers, request services, or get help from our team at the UC San Diego Services & Support portal.