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Steelcase Delivery and Installation Services

Find out about furniture delivery and installation services provided by Steelcase.

Note: Use Oracle Financials Cloud to view and order Steelcase furniture through BKM.


Steelcase, a UC-contracted furniture supplier, works through BKM, a local furniture vendor. BKM carries out Steelcase's contract commitments in delivery and installation, which are noted below.

Delivery and installation services include:

  • Receiving, inspecting, and staging BKM saves you time by taking care of these procedures for you.
  • Processing lost or damage claims: On full-service orders, BKM will process claims for furniture lost or damaged during manufacturing or shipping. On product-only orders, BKM will assist in the claims process.
  • One-step delivery and installation: BKM can usually deliver and install furniture in one day.
  • Disposal of packing materials: BKM will remove all packing materials after installation.
  • Product demonstration: You will receive printed instructions for chairs and computer support tools. If you would like a demonstration of the new product, just ask the BKM installers.
  • Verifying the space configuration: BKM installers will make sure the new furniture conforms with the workspace plans and specifications.
  • Follow-up after installation: BKM installers create a punch list of items that may be missing, damaged, or incorrect. BKM will then resolve each item on the punch list to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Storage: In some cases, BKM charges storage fees when the UCSD customer can't receive the order on the agreed-upon delivery date.
    • On orders under $20,000, BKM stores furniture that arrives before the delivery date for up to 15 calendar days at no charge. You will be charged storage fees if you can't accept delivery by 15 days after the agreed-upon delivery date.
    • On orders over $20,000, BKM charges monthly storage fees of $1.25 per square foot beginning the first day after the agreed-upon delivery date. Additional charges of $45 per hour for storing and retrieving items may also apply. You may need to submit a separate purchase order to cover storage fees.
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