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Steelcase Contacts

See a list of contacts who can answer questions about purchasing Steelcase furniture.

Note: Use Marketplace, UCSD's online buying site to view and order Steelcase furniture through BKM.


If you purchase tables, chairs, file cabinets, free-standing steel or laminate desks, bookcases, paneled office systems, task chairs, or side chairs, you must place your order with Steelcase, Inc. At UCSD, Steelcase works through a local supplier, BKM. The information below explains who to contact at different stages of the purchasing process:

  • Before you have a work order number: To begin a furniture project or obtain a quote, contact the Steelcase UC Services Center at (877) 722-9090 or email ucfurn@steelcase.com. The center will assign a work order and alert a BKM representative to contact you within 24 hours.
  • When you have a work order number: If you have a work order number or a quote number and have questions about your order, delivery, installation, or billing, contact (858) 569-4734 or email uc-workrequest@bkmsd.com.
  • During the design and preparation phase: Contact the BKM sales representative or designer assigned to your project.

For a step-by-step description of the purchasing process, please see How to Buy Furniture From Steelcase.