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Incoming Service Agreements

Learn how to request a UCSD-Provided Service Agreement for a non-research project where a client will pay UCSD for services.

About Incoming Service Agreements

A service agreement is a legally binding agreement between UC San Diego and an external customer, such as a corporation, other university, or federal agency, setting forth the terms and conditions under which UCSD will provide goods or services to that customer as a vendor/contractor. UCSD is not engaging in its own research under the agreement. The work is not intended to result in the development or enhancement of any UCSD intellectual property and UCSD would not be performing the work but for the desire of the customer to have the work done.

"Incoming" refers to the flow of funds - in the context of an incoming service agreement, the UCSD technical team will be paid for conducting routine services, procedures, or testing.

Compliance Review for Incoming Service Agreements

Conflict of Interest: Please review the financial interest reporting requirements for service agreements.

Export Control: Service agreements are subject to Export Control and are not covered by research-related exemptions that apply to many other activities at the University. OCGA and ECO may need additional detail from departments and customers to support a thorough compliance review.

Animal and Human Subjects: Service agreements typically do not involve animal or human subjects. To the extent these are involved in a given agreement, please ensure approved protocols are in place.

Examples include:

  • Routine statistical analysis for a pharmaceutical company
  • Cloud storage services at San Diego Supercomputer Center
  • Testing a piece of equipment on the Shake Table at UCSD's Structural Engineering Department
  • Sale of research instrumentation previously designed by UCSD


Request an Incoming Service Agreement

Only your designated UC San Diego contract officers are authorized to sign agreements binding the University. The requesting technical lead's department will determine which office handles your incoming service agreement.

VCAA Departments

The OCGA Government Contracts and Service Agreements team handles Incoming Service Agreements for VCAA departments. All VCAA Incoming Service Agreement requests must be submitted through Kuali Research (KR).

Please create a Proposal Development record in Kuali Research to request a New service agreement, or a Continuation amendment for adding time and/or funding.

Download the Service Agreement Training Guide

Templates for Service Agreements

  • New Service Agreement (Word): Fill in Exhibit A and have the client sign a PDF version of the agreement
  • Amendment (Word): Fill in amendment specific information and have the client sign a PDF version of the amendment

VCHS Departments

Use the VCHS Business Contracting Service Agreement Application (login required).

Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO)

SIO service agreements are also submitted through Kuali ResearchFor more guidance specific to SIO service agreements, please contact the SIO Office of Contracts and Grants.

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