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Incoming Service Agreements

Learn how to request a UCSD-Provided Service Agreement for a non-research project where a client will pay UCSD for services.

About incoming service agreements

These service agreements are contracts between UC San Diego and a (non-federal) client where the client will pay UC San Diego to conduct services, and the service will not result in the development or enhancement of any intellectual property. 

"Incoming" refers to the flow of funds - in the context of an incoming service agreement at UC San Diego, the UCSD PI will be paid for conducting routine services, procedures, or testing.

Examples include:

  • Routine statistical analysis for a pharmaceutical company
  • Cloud storage services at San Diego Supercomputer Center
  • Testing a piece of equipment on the Shake Table at UCSD's Structural Engineering Department
chart of incoming service agreements: 4M SIO, 11M VCAA, 65M VCHS

Request an incoming service agreement

Only your designated UC San Diego contract officers are authorized to sign agreements binding the University. The requesting PI's department will determine which office handles your incoming service agreement.

VCAA Departments

The OCGA Business Contracts team handles Incoming Service Agreements for VCAA departments. Request a new service agreement or amendment to an existing agreement on Blink:

Submit an eForm

Incoming Service Agreement Request eForm

Include required eForm attachments

  1. Service Agreement Template
    • New Service Agreement (Word file): Fill in Exhibit A and have the client sign the agreement.
    • Amendment (Word file): Fill in amendment specific information and have the client sign the amendment.
  2. Detailed Internal Budget including Differential Income
  3. Form 700-U

VCHS Departments

The Health Sciences Business Contracting Office handles Service Agreements for VCHS departments. Use the VCHS Business Contracting Agreements Application.

Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO)

For SIO service agreements, please contact Andrea Lupu at alupu@ucsd.edu.