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System Status: 

ONBOARDING Project Enhancements

Read about enhancements that have been made to the ONBOARDING Project to date.


Tracker I-9

  • 03/25/2019: the form I-9 will be completed electronically in the Tracker portal. Links to Tracker are available within each ONBOARDING Solution case; you will use Single Sign-On credentials to log in to the Tracker Portal. To request access, visit the Tracker page for training requirements. Contact your Campus HR Talent Acquisition Advisor if you need assistance. 

Undergraduate Students can be hired via the ONBOARDING Solution

  • 3/25/2019: undergraduate student hired in Casual/Restricted appointments can be onboarded via de Solution. 

Enhancements - February 2019


  • PPS entry sheet
  • Option to finalize on paper
  • Copy of signed offer letter provided to HR Initiator
  • Correction of disclosure information for represented employees
  • Copy of notice to users (4/23/2018) (PDF)


Enhancements have been made to the ONBOARDING Solution to accommodate new employee types and to enhance compliance. Specific details for each category are as follows:

Use the ONBOARDING Solution for Additional Employee Type New Hires

  • MSP new hires can now be onboarded via the Solution.
  • Short Term Exceptions:  an “Appointment End Date” field was added to the Offer Letter Data Entry Page in order to accommodate this employee type. 
  • Foreign Visitors: (Career Staff, MSP and STE) Core New Hire forms were modified to gather data necessary to process Foreign Visitors.  By separating the Oath/Patent and I-9 Form, the Oath can be optional for Foreign Visitors and permanent residents. 

Compliance Enhancements

  • Oath/Patent:
    • The Oath & Patent and the I-9 Form are now in separate signing ceremonies.  This enables the solution to accommodate foreign visitors, which are not required to sign the Oath.
  • Form I-9:
    • The new functionality and separate signing ceremony allows for Section 2 of the I-9 to be completed within 3 days of the start date, when needed.
    • The form I-9 can be restarted in the case of data entry errors in Section 1.
    • Effective 3/25/2019, I-9 forms are completed via Tracker.
  • The Amended Offer Letter:
    • In case of a change in start date after an offer was accepted, an amended offer letter can be generated within the Onboarding Solution during the signing ceremony. This step takes place during the Oath and Patent ceremony; the system will recognize that the signing ceremony date and start date do not match, and prompt the user to determine if an amended offer letter is needed.

See the Quick Reference documents in the Training Resources Library for more details.   


  • The HR Representative’s phone number field has been added to Offer Letter. Once added in the Data Entry Screen, it populates fields in the Offer Letter and the Welcome Letter.
  • Grid lines have been added to the “View Existing Onboardings” screen in Sales Force.
  • Both the HR Representative and new hire receive e-mail notifications when WitnessCeremony is complete.
  • The HR Representative can “toggle” on and off the background clause in the Offer Letter.
  • A link has been added to the Account Creator e-mail that will allow the HR Initiator to gainaccess directly back into the new hire’s record.
  • The Witness Ceremony reminder email to the HR Initiator now includes the name of the New Hire.
  • Result message appears when new hire’s record is updated in Sales Force with email and A/D Username.