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ONBOARDING Solution Glossary of Terms

Find terms and definitions that may be helpful for users of the ONBOARDING Solution.

Account Creator – Also known as the DSA. This person has a role in the process, but no role in the Solution. Creates AD username and e-mail account for new hires.  In some cases, the Account Creator may be the same person as the Department Initiator or Super User.

Cancel – A feature within the ONBOARDING environment, to be used when an ONBOARDING record must be terminated, as a result of a decision or finding within the UC San Diego organization. Good examples of this are Data Entry Error on the Offer Letter, or No Call/No Show for the In-Person Witness Ceremony. 

Central Office Super User – A role in the ONBOARDING Solution – A Central Office Super User has no responsibility for initiating records, but can view (read-only access) all Onboarding records across all departments on campus.

Clone – A feature within the ONBOARDING Solution that creates a duplicate of a previously created onboarding. This is especially helpful for regenerating declined offer letters or duplicating offers to fill multiple openings with same conditions. It significantly reduces data entry.

Decline to Sign – A feature within the ONBOARDING Environment that is available only to the Candidate at the time the Offer Letter is distributed. It is used when a candidate, for any reason, does not wish to accept the offer as presented and is asking for changes to the Offer Letter. 

Department Initiator – A role within the ONBOARDING Solution - Initiates Onboarding records, performing all pre-boarding activities, from sending the Offer Letter through and including the Witness Ceremony. Can view and edit only records initiated by them.

Department Super User
– A role within the ONBOARDING Solution - Same as an Initiator; initiates Onboarding records, but can view all Onboarding records created within their department.    

Envelope – A vehicle for the distribution of electronic forms for signature. The ONBOARDING Solution employs technology that places forms for signature inside envelopes for delivery.  A total of four envelopes are used in the Solution – 1) the Offer Letter; 2) Core Campus Forms; 3) In-Person Witness Ceremony - Oath & Patent Form; and 4) In-Person Witness Ceremony - I-9 Form. 

Offer Acceptance – The candidate formally accepts the offer within the ONBOARDING Environment by signing the Offer Letter.

Offer Letter – A formal Offer Letter, generated within the ONBOARDING Solution - contains offer of position, pay rate and start date for candidate to accept or decline.  The Offer Letter is a legally binding contract.

Pre-boarding – All of the work involved in getting a selected candidate through the process from selection to start date. The ONBOARDING Solution currently encompasses activities within the pre-boarding process.

Push Back for Edits – A feature within the ONBOARDING Solution that allows Initiators to send back new hire forms in the case of an entry error on the new hire’s part.   The new hire can edit the forms and submit them again. 

Resend – A feature within the ONBOARDING Solution that allows Initiators to re-send Offer Letters and New Hire Forms in case they were deleted by the recipient.  

Welcome Letter – The new hire receives a Welcome Letter after their employee ID is generated and the AD user name and e-mail account is provisioned.  The Welcome Letter contains information the new hire needs to access the Welcome New Hire Website, set up their Single Sign-On Account, create their UC San Diego e-mail password, print their complimentary parking pass, and view a host of other information pertinent to new employees. 

Witness Ceremony – In person meeting at the beginning of a new hire’s start day in which I-9 is completed including verification of identity and citizenship, oath and patent are administered and witnessed, and this ceremony completes the Campus ONBOARDING process. Department-specific onboarding processes may follow.