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When an Employee Transfers to Another Department: Department Checklist

HR Contacts and Supervisors, use this checklist to determine the steps to take when an employee transfers to another department.

For information about layoff or reduction in time, see Layoff/Reduction in Time: Overview. For information about employee termination, contact your employee relations specialist and labor relations specialists.

Supervisor: Check in with your department's HR contact.

Check in with your department HR contact and discuss the following:

  • How will you fill the vacancy?
  • Is the employee willing to train a replacement?

HR Contact: Process the transfer through UCPath Online.

Access UCPath Online to: 

  • Arrange to have the personnel file sent to the new home department. 

HR Contact and Supervisor: Determine how to reuse or dispose of the employee's electronic files and communications.

Discuss with the employee:

  • E-mail:
    • Which e-mail messages should be transferred or deleted?*
    • Is an e-mail absence message required to:*
      • Indicate the employee has left the department?
      • Redirect inquiries to the appropriate department contact?
    • Is setting up temporary network access to obtain copies of personal communications necessary?
  • Voice mail:
    • Reset password to the five-digit extension number.
    • Determine if a forwarding message is necessary.
  • Electronic files:
    • Determine which files should be transferred or deleted.
    • Provide the employee with an alternate area to transfer necessary files.
    • Instruct the employee to delete files.

*Only applies if the employee is transferring to or from UC San Diego Health.

HR Contact: Terminate the employee's access to UC electronic resources for your specific department only.

After you have transferred or deleted the e-mail and network files:

  • Notify your departmental security administrator (DSA) to terminate access to any of the following:
    • UCPath
    • OFC
    • Data Warehouse

  • Notify your department's network administrator to terminate the employee's computer login to:
    • Local servers
    • Department dial-in service
    • E-mail service
    • Other local network operations and charges

HR Contact: Terminate or transfer all other UC San Diego services.

Cancel or transfer access to the following, where applicable:

HR Contact and Supervisor: Make sure the employee returns any UC property.

  • Verify that the employee returns these items:
    • Cell phones
    • Computers
    • Pagers
    • Radios
  • Confirm receipt of:
    • Calling cards on all indexes
    • Copy cards
    • Procurement card
    • Department keys or key cards
  • Check with your department's property administrator to ensure that the employee returned all UC equipment.

HR Contact: Update contact information.

Remove the employee's name from following areas, where applicable:

  • Emergency contact list
  • Internal forms
  • Office security codes, access codes on keypads
  • Security alarm lists
  • Web pages and directories


Notice: This is a summary of campus business services. In case of conflict in interpretation, the actual policies apply.