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When an Employee Transfers to Another Department: Department Checklist

Supervisors, use this checklist to determine the steps to take when an employee transfers to another department.

For information about layoff or reduction in time, see Layoff/Reduction in Time: Overview. For information about employee termination, contact your employee relations specialist.

Check with your department's HR contact.

Discuss the following:

  • How will you fill the vacancy?
  • Is the employee willing to train a replacement?

Process the transfer through the Payroll Personnel System (PPS).

Access the PPS online system to end the appointment:

  • End the appointment and distribution with last day on pay status (in current department).
  • Add new department's code as the alternate department until all transactions are complete.
  • On the PAN list of reviewers, add e-mail for HR contact for the new department.
  • Update timekeeping with any recent vacation or sick leave with the current department.
  • When all current department business is completed, change alternate department code to the new department's code, and delete current department code.
    Note: The new department will add new appointment and distribution, change Mail Code, phone extension and location, payroll title, Employee Relations code, and BELI code, if applicable.
  • Copy the employee personnel file. Send original to the new department, and keep a copy for your record.

Determine how to reuse or dispose of the employee's electronic files and communications.

Discuss with the employee:

  • E-mail:
    • Which e-mail messages should be transferred or deleted?
    • Is an e-mail absence message required to:
      • Indicate the employee has left the department?
      • Redirect inquiries to the appropriate department contact?
    • Is setting up temporary network access to obtain copies of personal communications necessary?
  • Voice mail:
    • Reset password to the five-digit extension number.
    • Determine if a forwarding message is necessary.
  • Electronic files:
    • Determine which files should be transferred or deleted.
    • Provide the employee with an alternate area to transfer necessary files.
    • Instruct the employee to delete files.

Terminate the employee's access to UC electronic resources.

After you have transferred or deleted the e-mail and network files:

  • Notify your departmental security administrator (DSA) to terminate access to any of the following:
    • Link family
    • PPS
    • Web IFIS
    • IFIS
    • ISIS
    • Data Warehouse
  • Notify your department's network administrator to terminate the employee's computer login to:
    • Local servers
    • Department dial-in service
    • E-mail service
    • Other local network operations and charges

Terminate all other UCSD services.

Cancel or transfer access to the following, where applicable:

Update travel and entertainment information.

Make sure the employee returns any UC property that belongs to the department.

  • Verify that the employee returns these items:
    • Cell phones
    • Computers
    • Pagers
    • Radios
  • Confirm receipt of:
    • Calling cards on all indexes
    • Copy cards
    • Express card
    • Department keys or key cards
  • Check with your department's property administrator to ensure that the employee returned all UC equipment.

Update contact information.

Remove the employee's name from following areas, where applicable:

  • Emergency contact list
  • Internal forms
  • Office security codes, access codes on keypads
  • Security alarm lists
  • Web pages and directories


Notice: This is a summary of campus business services. In case of conflict in interpretation, the actual policies apply.