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When You Transfer to Another UCSD Department: Employee Checklist

Use the checklist below to determine what steps to take when you transfer to another department.

If you are subject to a layoff or reduction in time, see Layoff/ Reduction in Time: Overview (Employees) If you are leaving UCSD employment, see When You Leave UCSD: Employee Checklist

Inform your supervisor that you are initiating a transfer to another UCSD department.

  • Provide your supervisor with a written letter, including the effective date of your transfer to your new department.
  • Discuss with your supervisor:
    • Tasks that need to be reassigned
    • Recommendations you have for a replacement
    • Willingness to train replacement
    • Disposition of e-mail and network files

Return any departmental property to your department business office.

  • UC cards issued by your department:
    • Calling card
    • Department copy cards
    • Express Card
    • Long-distance authorization card
    • Department keys, key cards
  • Computer and communications equipment:
    • Cell phones
    • Laptops
    • Pagers
    • Radios, walkie-talkies
  • Equipment on loan to you:
    • Check with your department's property administrator to see if any equipment is signed out to you.

Note: You may wish to request a receipt from the department for returned items.

Be sure you complete these tasks before your last workday in your current department.

  • Complete and submit any forms provided by your supervisor or HR contact.
  • Delete or transfer your e-mail and computer files as instructed by your supervisor.
  • Advise your department if there are any pending travel reconciliations or payment authorization reimbursements.
  • Reset your voice mail password to the five-digit extension number. Check with your supervisor about setting up a forwarding message.


Notice: The information on this page summarizes provisions of university policies and/or collective bargaining agreements. Refer to the Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPSM) and local implementing procedures or applicable collective bargaining agreement for full text of referenced information.