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Legal Plan

Find out how the legal expense plan's benefits can protect you and your family.

ARAG provides an employee-paid insurance plan to cover basic legal expenses. You are a member if you enrolled in the legal plan during your period of initial eligibility (PIE) or during an Open Enrollment period (if offered).

Services provided

If you use a participating attorney, the plan assists in payment for routine and preventative services such as:

  • Advice and counseling up to 8 hours per year
  • Simple wills and trusts
  • Power of attorney
  • Divorce and child support agreements
  • Adoption proceedings
  • Name changes

If you use a non-participating attorney, the plan is limited to specific dollar amounts. Consult the ARAG plan booklet (PDF) for detailed information on coverage.

Using the plan

Contact the ARAG Legal Plan by calling toll-free (800) 247-4184 weekdays, 5 a.m. – 5 p.m. You can also get information through the ARAG Legal website.

Benefits of the ARAG legal plan also include:

  • Telephone legal services: Advice on common legal matters, document review, and letter preparation
  • Online law guide: Comprehensive overviews of the most common legal issues
  • Online document library: Do-it-yourself legal documents
  • Identify theft services
  • Reduced fees for non-covered matters


Determine if your legal matter is covered by visiting the ARAG Legal website or calling ARAG, (800) 247-4184.

  • If your legal matter is covered and you use an ARAG network attorney, the attorney receives payment directly from ARAG.
  • If your legal matter is covered and you use a non-ARAG network attorney, you will be billed for services. ARAG will reimburse you according to the information in the ARAG plan booklet (PDF).

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