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Vision Insurance

Learn about the vision insurance plan that UC offers its employees.

UC offers a comprehensive vision insurance plan through Vision Service Plan (VSP), a preferred-provider organization.


The VSP is available to eligible employees and their family members.


The plan covers:

  • One vision examination per calendar year
  • One set of corrective lenses per calendar year
  • One set of frames every other calendar year
  • One set of contact lenses per calendar year (this benefit is provided instead of other vision benefits, see details)

For details on coverage, see A Complete Guide to Your UC Health Benefits (PDF) or visit the Vision Service Plan Web site.


UC pays the premium for you and eligible family members. You pay deductibles for eye exams, lenses, and frames. You may also pay for additional services not covered by the VSP.

Using the plan

Find a VSP doctor. Tell your eye doctor that you have VSP. No ID card is required. You pay only the required deductibles for covered services. In addition, you may receive discounts for some services not covered by the plan.

If you use a non-VSP provider, you would pay the bill and submit a claim for reimbursement to VSP. Visit the VSP site and choose Log In at the top right corner for details on how to submit a claim.

Retiree vision plan

Effective July 1, 2008, eligible retirees will have an opportunity to continue vision insurance. Eligible retirees:

  • Receive a form from the benefits representative at the retirement interview
  • Complete and mail to the address on the form
  • Pay premiums directly to the plan


  • Eligible retirees will not receive a COBRA notice for vision.
  • For eligibility requirements, see the Health and Welfare section of the Retirement handbook (PDF).
Call Vision Service Plan at (866) 240-8344.
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