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Dental Insurance

Learn about the dental plan choices offered to eligible employees.

UC provides two dental plan choices to eligible employees. Both plans cover a wide range of dental services, from routine preventive care and fillings to oral surgery, dentures, bridges, and braces.


Eligibility is based on the appointment level. You are eligible for dental coverage if you are a member of the University of California Retirement Plan (UCRP). There are 2 ways to qualify for UCRP membership:

  • Your appointment is for at least 50% for a year or more
  • You work 1,000 hours in a 12-month period (or 750 hours in a 12-month period for lecturer appointments)

You can also enroll eligible family members.


Cost of coverage is currently covered entirely by UC, though this arrangement is subject to state appropriations and may change.

Available plans

UC offers two plans. They are both administered by Delta, but work very different. For a summary of plans, review UCNet Dental Plans.

Delta Dental PPO

With the Delta Dental PPO Plan, most preventive dentistry is covered in full.

  • When you visit a PPO network dentist, you pay the PPO dentist's contracted fee after your deductible for services such as fillings, oral surgery, root canals, and treatment of gum disease.
    • If you choose to visit a Delta Dental Premier dentist (non-PPO), Delta Dental advantages will be available; however, the co-insurance for many services will be higher.
    • To find a provider, check the Delta Dental PPO website, or call (888) 335-8227.
    • Delta Dental PPO (Group #18066-0601)
      P.O. Box 997330
      Sacramento, CA 95899
      (800) 777-5854

DeltaCare USA

When you enroll in the DeltaCare USA Dental Health Plan, many services cost nothing, while some require a co-payment. 

  • A participating dentist will be assigned to you after enrollment. Later you may request to change dentists, but services are covered only when you visit a DeltaCare provider.
  • There are no deductibles or annual maximums.
  • DeltaCare USA (Group #020390039)
    12898 Towne Center Drive
    Cerritos, CA 90701
    (800) 422-4234
For more information, contact your dental plan directly.
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