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Travel Trip Types & Account Codes

Find Travel Trip Types available in Concur.

Use Concur Travel for booking travel and the Travel & Entertainment (T&E) Card as the preferred payment method.

Travel expenses are non-taxable and based on trip type. While the default Account Code is tied to the Concur Expense Type for the other Report Types in Concur, the Account Code/Expenditure Type is tied to the Trip Type for Travel Expense Reports.

Review the table below for a list of available Travel Trip Types including default COA Account values associated with them and their taxability. 


Trip Type

COA Account



Foreign/Outside Continental U.S.*

536002 N


536000 N
Out-of-state 536001 N
Move/Relocation** 508102 N

*Outside Continental U.S.: Alaska, Hawaii, U.S. territories

**If the Trip Type/Business Purpose is Move/Relocation, select 508102 as the Account Code/Expenditure Type and not one of the other trip types such as in-state. 

Recruiting trips (e.g. interviews with prospective candidate) falls under Travel policy; however, pre-move trips such as house-hunting fall under Move/Relocation policy. You should select the Trip Type/Account that aligns with the purpose of the trip. 

If you have a separate business meeting while on travel status, you can add it to the Travel Expense Report as Entertainment Meals-Travel Status (536400) and add all required Entertainment Policy information such as a detailed business purpose for the off-campus meeting (e.g. with a potential donor/non-UCSD collaborator) and attendees. Other events should be submitted separately on an Event Expense Report. 

For a list of available Travel Expense Types, check in Concur or this KBA.


UC San Diego business travel and entertainment in compliance with policy generally does not result in additional taxable income to the employee. Although certain categories, such as late submissions, unsubstantiated expenses, or employee moves, are considered taxable income to the employee.Sales & Use Tax are not applicable to travel expenses. These travel-related account codes are tax exempt and will not be assessed for use tax.

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