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CMS Roles and Responsibilities

Learn about the various roles and responsibilities for the campus CMS.

Admin - Workplace Technology Services (WTS)

The Admin is responsible for working with Hannon Hill to keep the CMS working well for UC San Diego sites. Workplace Technology Services (WTS) is the admin for all CMS sites at UC San Diego and provides the technical framework to support a positive user experience. WTS:

  • Provides CMS training and access
  • Assists with site creating and migration
  • Maintains templates and coordinates software upgrades
  • Provides SEO (search engine optimization) and broken link reports

Site Manager/ Site Contact

The site manager is responsible for keeping a specific site consistent and up to date, with content that is accessible and user-friendly. A site manager could be an individual or a department. WTS is the site manager for Blink and TritonLink. Site managers:

  • Monitor a site for accessibility and usability issues
  • Provide editorial guidelines for Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)
  • Review changes made to the site by SMEs
  • Assist SMEs with developing and editing content
  • Ensure that SMEs adhere to UC San Diego style guidelines and best practices with regard to the following areas:
    • Accessibility / ADA section 508 compliance
    • Navigation and presentation paradigm as defined in the provided templates
    • CSS / HTML / font usage
    • CMS and UC San Diego Brand requirements
  • Act as the primary site contact with WTS - when there are site-wide maintenance or other issues we will reach out to the site manager
  • Update WTS if there are changes to who the site manager is

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

Subject Matter Experts are UC San Diego faculty, staff, or students who have expertise in a particular area. As a subject matter expert and champion of your site, you are an important link between your organization and WTS. We suggest at least 5% of a SME's job be devoted to CMS duties. This list can be used to ensure your job description reflects all you do as a SME:

  • Organize, write, and revise content
  • Get content approved within your department
  • Update and edit Web pages in the Campus Content Management System (CMS)
  • Be trained and current on the CMS system
  • Act as a liaison between your department and WTS
  • Determine other access to the CMS within your department
  • Work with WTS staff on issues requiring further support
  • Communicate any maintenance, changes, or downtime to department
  • Evaluate, track, and report analytics for your site
  • Review emailed announcements and tips from WTS to stay current on CMS skills, features, and maintenance tasks