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Version 5 Templates

Learn about the Version 5 (V5) CMS templates.

The current version of CMS is Version 5 (V5). It is based on the image-rich brand with special attention to responsive and accessible design. V5 incorporates various templates and modules to make layout easier.

Two templates, along with supporting modules are available for CMS version 5 (V5).

Homepage template

The biggest difference you will notice for V5 sites is the new homepage template. The template follows the look and feel of the new design for a unified brand. The full-width banner can be a single image or image rotator. The new available modules support an image-rich site with judiciously used supporting text.

Homepage sample

Article (Two column) template

The new article template is very similar to the previous version 4 two column template. The biggest change is the availability of modules that the homepage uses.

Two column sample image