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Faculty Resources

Information for UC San Diego faculty and researchers on what CMMC means for them.

UC San Diego’s investment CMMC readiness is a core component of a program designed to​
  • Shift the burden of cybersecurity requirements from faculty to IT and security professionals​
  • Support faculty competitiveness by providing hyper-secure services that can be quickly obtained and referenced in grant and contract proposals​
  • Increase confidence in data integrity and the resilience of research workflows​
Our CMMC program will maintain CMMC Level 2 certified services that include​
  • Computing and storage​
  • Collaboration tools (email, chat, phone conferencing, online spreadsheets, word processing)​
  • Virtual desktops​
  • Management of in-lab resources​
  • Training​
  • Consulting and support​

What differences from traditional research will you see within the CMMC environment?


  • Dedicated managed CUI devices (i.e.: endpoints, infrastructure, mobile)
  • Dedicated CUI Account with multifactor authentication
  • Separate CUI tools (email, storage, collaboration, compute)
  • Required background screening
  • Annual training


  • Internet connections into and out of limited
  • Connect to via VPN / special network port
  • Limitations on websites and data exiting
  • Software applications limited by security risk

Subject To

  • Federal standards and enhanced security controls (i.e.: encryption)
  • Formal documentation and signed adherence to defined processes and policies
  • Additional monitoring throughout
    • Data boundaries both physical and digital
    • Data flow
    • Infrastructure integrity
    • Inactivity lockouts
  • Additional auditing and incident requirements
  • Annual, usage fees, and possibly special licensed software