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Research Universities

UC San Diego can help other research universities with their CMMC compliance and cyberinfrastructure.

UC San Diego offers a portfolio of CMMC services available to higher education and industry partners. We intend to achieve CMMC Level 3 certification for these services by November 2021.

Our service bundles fall into three categories:

  • Single user / small lab offerings for faculty unable to obtain local CMMC services at their home institution
  • Organizational partnership that require a campus to campus memorandum of understanding
  • Industrial partners (non-higher education) looking to acquire CMMC services to support their own contract obligations

Rates for each bundle are still under development. The Department of Defense has stated that CMMC related costs are an allowable expense. Faculty planning to compete for future contracts should be contacting us now to ensure they have added anticipated expenses into their proposals.

Please send request for more information to