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CMMC Cost Model for UC San Diego

UCSD's CMMC program includes central services supported by the campus and PIs as well as per-user and per-usage services available to meet each lab's specific needs.


CMMC Funding Model - Cost Components

Approved Recharge Rate - $11,500 per Qualifying Award (FY24)

  • A per-award rate that is heavily subsidized by a $1M/fiscal year recurring investment from campus and VC areas (50/50 split)
  • Socialized rate intended to distributed the remaining costs of program (those not covered by subsidy) to individual funding sources (awards).
  • Rates are approved for a four-year term:
      • FY23 - $10,000
      • FY24 - $11,500
      • FY25 - $13,225
      • FY26 - $15,209
  • These rates take into account seasonality, and are charged annually based on the active months of the award (pro-rated).

Direct & Pass-Through for Usage-Based Costs

  • Costs that have high variability based on usage, and that are not factored in to be offset by the subsidy or per-award recharge rate
  • Program team will work with customers to direct-charge customer provided COAs when possible
  • For costs that require bulk purchasing for discounts, some costs may be cost transferred or passed through for only the customer’s portion
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