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OCGA Forms

Find links to forms for the Office of Contract and Grant Administration (OCGA).

General Proposal Forms

Form: Description: Formats:

PI Exception

Used when a proposal is being submitted by an individual whose title is not eligible. A complete description of eligibility criteria.


Equipment Matching

When equipment is used as cost share on a proposal.


Subrecipient Commitment Form

Completed by subrecipient as part of their proposal to UC San Diego. 

Department fund managers, in lieu of sending potential subrecipients/consortium members requests to complete subrecipient commitment form, check the FDP Clearinghouse for the institutional profile, download and provide to OCGA

PDF; Instructions (PDF)

MCA Commitment Form

Completed by another UC campus as part of their proposal to UC San Diego.


OCGA Proposal Cover Letter

Completed by Research Administrators to send to officers for their signature. This is for all proposals that are emailed to the sponsor.  


Budget Forms

Form: Description: Formats:

UCSD Proposal Budget

General budget development template for proposals. Used when there is no specific agency budget form. 

ExcelInstructions (PDF)

Effort Percent/Person-Months Conversion Tables

Used to convert between effort percent and person-months


UCSD Clinical Trial Proposal Budget - fully loaded

Used to develop budgets for PI Initiated, Industry sponsored clinical trial proposals. The clinical trial IDC rate (30% TDC) is automatically calculated and added to each line item


NIH Modular Budget Worksheet

Used to calculate NIH Modular budget amounts from a full budget.


NIH Contract Budget Worksheet

Used to prepare a cost proposal for NIH contracts.


VMRF PA Budget Projection Worksheet

Used to calculate salary and benefits for VMRF Personnel Agreements.


eRA Commons Account Request Form - NEW!

eRA Commons is an NIH online interface where grant applicants, grantees and federal staff at NIH and grantor agencies can access and share administrative information relating to research grants. You will use eRA commons throughout the lifecycle of a grant - from application submission to grant closeout.

Only individuals with legal signing authority, called the "Signing Official (SO)", can register new account users. OCGA manages eRA accounts for General Campus; HS SPPO manages eRA accounts for all Health Sciences departments. 

Visit eRA Commons Frequently Asked Questions ( for more information.

Form Description Formats

ERA Commons Account Request Form (General Campus)

Request a new eRA Commons account, or submit a request for the following:

  • Add a role to my existing eRA Commons account
  • Affiliate my eRA Commons account with UCSD
  • Un-affiliate my eRA Commons account with UCSD
  • Verify if I have an eRA Commons account
  • Reset my password

Online Form


NIH Forms

Form Name Description Link

NIH Fellowship Assurance

Required for all Fellows submitting proposals to the NIH Ruth L. Kirschstein Individual Fellowships.


PHS 398 - Grant Application (Revised 01/2018)

Application for a Public Health Service Grant

PHS 398 (

PHS 2590 - Progress Report for a Public Health Service Grant (Revised 03/2016)

NIH use of the PHS 2590 is restricted to progress reports for administrative extensions (Type 4s; e.g., SBIR/STTR Fast-Track Phase II application).

NIH requires use of the Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR) for ALL Type 5 (non-competing continuation) annual progress reports.

PHS 2590 (

HS SPPO Templates & Boilerplates page provides PHS Face Pages prepopulated for School of Medicine and SKAGGS.

Award Forms

Form: Description: Formats:

Advance Spending Request

Request to officially incur expenses on a project in advance of the award document being received by the university. More...

ExcelHow to Submit (PDF)

FDP/No Cost Extension

Request additional time to complete the project, utilizing existing funds available on a grant award issued by a federal granting agency participating in the Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP).  For NSF awards, use Fastlane only.

PDFExcelInstructions (PDF)

Subaward Forms

Form: Description: Formats:

Subrecipient Commitment Form

Completed by subrecipient as part of their proposal to UC San Diego.                    

PDFInstructions (PDF)

Subaward Modification Request Form (SMRF)

Used to request a change to an existing subaward. You'll find the online SMRF iRequest in Marketplace.


Sample Statement of Work (SOW) Template

General description of work performed for a subaward. 


Sample Budget Template

Budget for a subaward.


Multi-Campus Award (MCA) Forms

Form: Description: Formats:

MCA Commitment Form

Completed by another UC campus as part of their proposal to UC San Diego.


Outgoing MCA Request Form

Request an Outgoing MCA, where UC San Diego is sending funds for a portion of research to another UC campus.


For additional information, see the Multi-Campus Awards page.

Incoming Service Agreements (VCAA)

Form: Description: Links (Formats):

Incoming Service Agreement Requests for VCAA Departments

Kuali Research Proposal Development record to be completed by department to request a new Incoming Service Agreement or an amendment to an existing agreement.      

Kuali Research

Incoming Service Agreement Template

Standard template for a new Incoming Service Agreement.

New Agreement Template (Word)

Amendment Template

Standard template for an amendment to an existing Incoming Service Agreement.

Amendment Template (Word)

Conflict of Interest: Statement of Economic Interests for Principal Investigators

Conflict of Interest disclosures to be completed by the PI in Kuali Research.

Kuali COI

For additional information, see the Incoming Service Agreements page.

Unfunded Agreement Form

Form: Description: Formats:

Unfunded Agreement Requests are in Kuali Research (KR)

A KR Proposal Development (PD) record must be completed by the department to request an unfunded agreement (e.g. CDA/NDA, DUA, MOU, UCA, etc.)                    

KR PD Instructions

Conflict of Interest (COI) Forms

Go to the COI Forms page for updated COI forms and instructions:

  • 700-U (Non-Federal)
  • 9510 (Federal, Non-PHS)
  • Addendum (State and Federal, Non-PHS)
  • Financial Disclosure for PHS-Funded Research
  • Financial Disclosure for PHS-Funded Research Supplement
  • Subrecipient Disclosure Form
For more information, contact our main desk at 858-534-3330 or email