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Principal Investigator Responsibilities

Compliance with this set of responsibilities must be assured by the principal investigator at the time of protocol application, and again at the time of protocol approval.

University of California San Diego Policy PPM 100-6 and the UCSD Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, along with federal law and regulations, impose these responsibilities on the Principal Investigator who is granted the privilege of using animals in research.

Investigator's Assurance
For the Humane Care and Use of Animals Used in Teaching and Research

  1. I agree to abide by PHS Policy, USDA Regulations, UCSD policies for the care and use of animals, the provisions of the ILAR Guide to the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals, and all other federal, state, and local laws and regulations governing the use of animals in research.
  2. I understand that emergency veterinary care will be administered to animals showing evidence of pain or illness, in addition to routine veterinary care as prescribed for individual species. I understand that it is my responsibility to provide current and updated emergency contact information for personnel who must be contacted in an animal emergency. I understand that any unanticipated pain or distress must be reported to the veterinarian or his/her designee.
  3. I assure that I have consulted a veterinarian in the preparation of this proposal, if it includes procedures that could cause pain and distress to a vertebrate animal.
  4. I declare that all experiments involving live animals will be performed under my supervision or that of another qualified biomedical scientist listed on this protocol.
  5. I certify that all personnel having direct animal contact, including myself, have been trained in humane and scientifically acceptable procedures in animal handling, administration of anesthetics, analgesics, and euthanasia to be used in this project.
  6. I certify that all personnel in this project will complete the mandatory Orientation to Animal Research at UCSD and all other mandatory classes as determined by the Personnel Qualifications Form of each individual.
  7. I understand that the use of hazardous or controlled materials in animals may only be initiated after authorization from the applicable campus Safety Committees and EH&S, and used in the manner/purpose for which they are approved in compliance with Federal, State, local and UC San Diego requirements. I am responsible for complying with all safety related information (section VIII) of the protocol as well as complying with EH&S authorizations such as Biohazardous Use Authorization (BUA), Controlled Substance Use Authorization (CSUA), Radioactive Use Authorization (RUA), Laser Use Authorization (LUA), and documenting the proper use of such hazards or processes in the Hazard Control Plan(s).
  8. I certify that all personnel working on this protocol will be given the opportunity to participate in the Medical Monitoring Program at the Center for Occupational and Environmental Medicine (COEM). All personnel on this protocol will be made aware of the hazards involving the use of live animals and tissues.
  9. I understand that I must submit an amendment for any proposed changes to this protocol and wait for IACUC approval before beginning the work.
  10. I understand that should I use the project described in this application as a basis for a proposal for funding (either extramural or intramural), it is my responsibility to ensure that the description of animal use in such funding proposals are identical in principle to that contained in this application.
  11. I understand it is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator to ensure the safe and ethical conduct of all research conducted under this protocol, and to assure that all research is carried out following federal, state, local, and UCSD policies governing animal research.
  12. I certify that I will maintain complete, up-to-date and accessible records of procedures on animals as required by policy and regulation.
  13. I declare that the information provided in the accompanying protocol is accurate to the best of my knowledge.
  14. I certify that all state, federal and international permits for the use of the animals described in this protocol are in place (or will be in place before studies begin) including those permits mandated by the Department of Commerce, Marine Mammal Protection Act, Bureau of Land Management, National Forest Service, and foreign countries.
Contact the IACUC office, (858) 534-6069.