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The Top 10 Things You Must Know to Care for and Use Animals at UCSD

Read the most important things you as a principal investigator must consider when using and caring for animals for research at UC San Diego.

1. Every vertebrate animal used in research, teaching or testing at the University of California San Diego must be included in an approved Animal Care and Use Protocol on file with the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee.

2. You must complete and submit a Personnel Qualifications Form and your qualifications must be approved by the IACUC Office before handling or working with animals. Each person must attend the Orientation to Animal Research at UCSD course and be adequately trained in each species and each procedure that he/she will perform.

3. You must minimize potential pain and distress in animals by:

4. You must be aware of the hazards you are working with and receive the appropriate safety training.

5. You must be aware of the various regulations and guidelines that affect animal use at the University of California San Diego

6. You must follow the Animal Care Program procedures.

7. All animals must be ordered through the Animal Care Program.

8. You must submit an amendment BEFORE you make any changes to an approved animal use protocol.

9. Learn about the Occupational Health Program and enroll.

10. Know who to contact for questions about:

Contact the IACUC office, (858) 534-6069.