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Letter to New Investigators

Read a welcome letter to new investigators working with animals.

Dear New Investigator,

If you will be doing animal research at UCSD as a Principal Investigator, there is a great deal of information that you are responsible for knowing. We are here to help you find your way through the maze. Please feel free to contact the IACUC Office, 858-534-6069,, with any questions you have.

1. An early part of this process is submitting an online Animal Protocol to the UCSD Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). The IACUC website provides a number of resources, including Principal Investigator requirements, responsibilities and information needed to submit an animal protocol. Please read Policy 22 Eligibility for Principal and Secondary Investigator (PDF) to make sure that you meet the requirements for Principal Investigator. There are several things you (and in some cases your staff) will need to do before you can import animals from your old institution, order new animals, or begin your studies.

2. Log On to the Animal Use Protocol System using your UCSD Single Sign On (Business Systems) account to be added to the IACUC and ACP database(s). This begins the process.    

3. We hope that you met with the Animal Care Program (ACP) staff prior to accepting your appointment. If you have not, please meet with the Animal Care Program as soon as possible to arrange for housing, equipment, vivarium space, etc. for your animals. We suggest you contact them immediately, as vivarium space is tight, and the more lead time ACP has, the sooner you can proceed with your study after your protocol is approved. The ACP website is and the main office number is 858-534-4262.

4. Before you can enter an animal facility, you and your staff must each submit your online Personnel Qualifications form with your training and experience specific to the animal species on your protocol(s). You will receive instructions for submitting your PQ form once you have completed step #2 and received an email from our office.

5. Additionally, before vivarium access can be granted, you and your staff must complete the mandatory online class 'Orientation to Animal Research.' You will need to use your Business Systems Account on the ACP website to register for the class.   

Thank you,

The IACUC Office

IACUC website

Contact the IACUC office, (858) 534-6069.