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Ecotime Support

Learn where you can go for answers to your questions and support for the Ecotime payroll timekeeping system.

A streamlined support process has been developed that quickly serves employee needs and assigns timekeepers the task of contacting the Ecotime team with new or difficult issues.

Support for Employees and Supervisors

First: Find Information Online

Most questions have been addressed in easy-to-use guides and an extensive list of frequent user questions. Check these sources first:

Second: Ask Your Timekeeper

If the above resources and your supervisor are unable to help, your timekeeper has received additional Ecotime training and can answer department-specific process and policy-related questions. Your timekeeper can also escalate your issues to the Ecotime project team, when necessary.

Health/Medical Center Staff

Find your timekeeping contact information here.

Support for Timekeepers

Find your Ecotime support contact options.