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Ecotime Enhancements

Learn about Ecotime application enhancements.

Mandatory Selection of Position

The Campus Ecotime system currently defaults to an employee’s primary position; this may not correspond to the hours needing to be entered by an employee who holds multiple positions. Although supervisors should review and confirm that hours are allocated to the correct job before approving, this does not always happen. When hours worked are not allocated correctly, incorrect funding sources are charged, benefits could be impacted and extra work is created to correct and adjust entries, as well as reconcile funding.

The Mandatory Selection of Position Enhancement, being deployed on the evening of July 15, creates a new system rule that requires employees to select the position BEFORE they are allowed to make any time entries, complete their timesheet and submit it for supervisor approval. This appointment (Position ID) selection is required for employees holding multiple positions and will auto-select for those with a single position. Employees need to double-check they have the correct position selected before they enter hours worked or exceptions to ensure that time entries are associated with the correct position. See screenshot below:


For employees with multiple positions, the summary data is now aggregated across all positions held. A future enhancement will change this display to one that shows a breakdown by position instead.